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fe-Commerce VIP – Speed up your business-building process
Discover effective ways to foster a supportive and collaborative team environment that promotes growth, mentorship, and success.
VIP Marketing Actions
This section teaches you how to expand your FREE TNT Global Market with Clubshoppers, Merchant Affiliates, and Affinity Groups.
(LEGACY) Strategic Vision Of Your Clubshop Business
"Ignorant quem portum petat nullus suus ventus est." - Seneca. "No wind is favorable for the sailor who doesn't know which port he wants to land at." Speaking this metaphor Seneca almost certainly had your Clubshop business in mind. Without knowing where you want to go with it, you won't go anywhere. Watching this webinar divided into eight short videos, and sharing the Clubshop mission is therefore essential for anyone who wants to achieve important results with their Clubshop business.
Clubshop GPS Essential Training
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Establish positive relationships with your new Members.

Your goal is to gradually build credibility with your audience, fostering mutual confidence that paves the way for two-way communication. Eventually, they will begin responding to you. Always aim to be of value to them.

The Activity Report


GPS Dashboard > Menu GPS Tools > Follow Up > Activity Report By using the activity report, you can gain insight into every element of your TNT Global Market and make informed decisions. For example, you can use it to view any new members who have joined your team and ensure that they are properly welcomed.


Ideally, you should use the activity report every day; however, you can also use it based on how much time you have allocated to developing your VIP business and goals. It is recommended that you make an effort to welcome your new members within 24 hours, and no later than 48 hours, of their registration. Each time you work at your Activity Report to welcome new members:

  1. Select the start and end date based on the timeframe you haven’t covered yet, until yesterday.
  2. Flag the filters that interest you now: “New Member Join” + “Personally Sponsored Members.
  3. Click the submit button.

For example, if todays is September 24th, and the previous times you welcomed all those who joined until September 20th, now you pull up a report from September 21st to September 23rd. Once you’ve generated your report, based on the number of new members you have, you can choose to email them all simultaneously, or for even better results, organize them by language or country, or ranking points. Utilize the Clubshop AI assistant or AI content creator, as explained below in this same lesson, to communicate in their respective languages. The follow-up records for each member will be automatically updated on your behalf.


In your welcome email, there are two pieces of information that you should always include because they help them understand how these two fe-Commerce elements can create an amazing duplication and boost with no effort on their side, and boost the velocity of their Global Market Building Process.

  1. JumpStart their TNT Free Global Market building process since the very beginning, because they’ll receive 12 Personally Sponsored Shopper Members from our COOP Marketing Campaigns.
  2. Start earning Cashback right away.
  3. Open their right to earn on other people’s shopping.
  4. Set the good example for their teammates who will tend to do the same, which would speed up even more their Market expansion process.
  • The Shop&Build Program: Always invite them to learn about this equally powerful tool that on the mid term contributes to boost their team duplication even more increasing the TNT average commission simultaneously.

That being said, if you were the member you are communicating with, what kind of support or encouragement would you appreciate from your sponsor?

As a new Clubshop member, the support and encouragement you would appreciate from your sponsor would revolve around clarity, guidance, and motivation. Given your interest in saving and making money and your limited knowledge about Clubshop and its fe-Commerce, the following forms of assistance would be invaluable.

You could elaborate your welcome email content with the options which resonate most with you among the following:

Clear Explanation: You’d appreciate your sponsor taking the time to clearly explain the Clubshop concept, especially its fe-Commerce aspect. Understanding how the system works, its benefits, and how it aligns with your goals would be immensely helpful. This can not be done in the email itself, but by booking a live call (Zoom, Telegram, Skype, etc.) with one your sponsors or one of your coaches. 

Step-by-Step Guidance: Since you’re new to Clubshop, having a sponsor who can provide step-by-step guidance on how to navigate the platform, set up your account, and start leveraging the opportunities would be reassuring. Instructions that break down complex processes into manageable steps would boost your confidence.

Resource Sharing: If your sponsor could share informative resources, tutorials, and materials that simplify the learning curve, it would empower you to make informed decisions. Resources that shed light on how to save and earn money through Clubshop’s offerings would be valuable. You would be happy ti find all the resources you need inside the Clubshop Rewards YouTube Channel, fe-Commerce Training, the Clubshop Knowledge Base, Clubshop Success Blog, and more.

Personal Experience: Hearing about your sponsor’s personal journey with Clubshop, including their successes, challenges, and lessons learned, would provide a relatable perspective. Knowing that they’ve walked the same path and achieved results would motivate you to stay committed.

Open Communication: A sponsor who’s approachable and open to answering questions, clearing doubts, and offering continuous support would make you feel valued. Knowing that there’s someone you can turn to for guidance whenever you need it would be reassuring.

Encouragement and Motivation: Regular messages of encouragement, motivation, and reminders about the potential benefits of Clubshop would help keep you engaged and focused on your goals. Positive reinforcement would bolster your determination.

Community Engagement: Encouraging participation in Clubshop’s community groups, events, and webinars, would foster a sense of belonging. Connecting with others who share similar goals and experiences would create a supportive network. In essence, as a new Clubshop member, you would greatly appreciate a sponsor who can provide clear explanations, patient guidance, valuable resources, relatable experiences, and ongoing motivation. Such support would empower you to navigate the Clubshop journey with confidence and purpose.

Putting yourself in your recipient’s shoes makes it easier to communicate about what truly interests them.


If you genuinely want to support them, you need to help them find the peace of mind required to conceive and visualize their exciting goals and dreams as achievable. Furthermore, you should ensure they have a clear understanding of the path that leads to achieving these aspirations by giving their Clubshop business the attention and priority it rightfully deserves in their life.


It’s not always easy to find the right word in your mother language, it’s obviously even more difficult or impossible if you need to communicate in your recipient’s language if different from yours. But don’t worry! Your GPS helps even to overcome the language barrier with no effort. In fact, you can communicate with your teammates worldwide using multiple integrated tools:

Multilingual chat:  Available in all pages of your Clubshop, to communicate in real time with your teammates worldwide when you and them are online at the same time. It also allows you to see their exact position in your TNT Market.

GPS Mailing System: directly accessible from the Activity Report and integrated with it and with the Members’ Follow Up record, it allows you to laser target email marketing communication. Here we don’t see all its functions. You will just use it to email your new members instantly with customized messages.

Clubshop Online Communities: Telegram and Facebook Groups.

GPS AI Content Creator: You can also craft well written messages in all the languages you need, using the Clubshop AI Assistant available everywhere on the Clubshop Platform (as you can see in the bottom right corner of this page), as well as the GPS AI Content Creator.

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