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fe-Commerce VIP – Speed up your business-building process
Discover effective ways to foster a supportive and collaborative team environment that promotes growth, mentorship, and success.
VIP Marketing Actions
This section teaches you how to expand your FREE TNT Global Market with Clubshoppers, Merchant Affiliates, and Affinity Groups.
(LEGACY) Strategic Vision Of Your Clubshop Business
"Ignorant quem portum petat nullus suus ventus est." - Seneca. "No wind is favorable for the sailor who doesn't know which port he wants to land at." Speaking this metaphor Seneca almost certainly had your Clubshop business in mind. Without knowing where you want to go with it, you won't go anywhere. Watching this webinar divided into eight short videos, and sharing the Clubshop mission is therefore essential for anyone who wants to achieve important results with their Clubshop business.
Clubshop GPS Essential Training
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In our industry there is a very well known fact, named “the first 48 hours rule.”

The “48-hour rule” is a widely known concept.

It involves following up with new members within 48 (24 even better) hours after joining your team, to capitalize on potential enthusiasm they may have expressed and to maintain timely communication.

This strategy helps keep the momentum going, increase the chances of engagement, and prevents people from losing interest. Currently, more than 80% of network marketers either lose money or only break even in their business, causing them to abandon the industry and proclaim it a scam.

This typically occurs due to a lack of support and adequate training from their sponsor.

Even when they have received the necessary training, guidance, and resources, many still fail to take any action.

So, it is VERY important that either you, or your up line VIP coordinate a fast start action to perform and optimize it throughout the time based on your monitored results.

“No matter how sophisticated a system may be, nothing can replace the dedication, enthusiasm, and positive attitude of a human on their journey to success.” – F. Perotti

When someone joins your team, you must provide them with a clear roadmap on how to get started with their Clubshop FREE membership, activate their earning potential, and, as an option, build a list of contacts who may be interested in saving money on everyday purchases without having to pay or invest anything.

You human touch is especially essential when people receive something for free, such as in the TNT FREE Global Market.

This is because those who receive something without paying do not comprehend the real value of what they have just obtained, and they may not recognize they possess a treasure.

Thanks to your genuine human touch, they must quickly understand “what’s in it for them” (the only thing that really matters) by willingly reading material or watching onboarding videos.

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