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fe-Commerce VIP – Speed up your business-building process
Discover effective ways to foster a supportive and collaborative team environment that promotes growth, mentorship, and success.
VIP Marketing Actions
This section teaches you how to expand your FREE TNT Global Market with Clubshoppers, Merchant Affiliates, and Affinity Groups.
(LEGACY) Strategic Vision Of Your Clubshop Business
"Ignorant quem portum petat nullus suus ventus est." - Seneca. "No wind is favorable for the sailor who doesn't know which port he wants to land at." Speaking this metaphor Seneca almost certainly had your Clubshop business in mind. Without knowing where you want to go with it, you won't go anywhere. Watching this webinar divided into eight short videos, and sharing the Clubshop mission is therefore essential for anyone who wants to achieve important results with their Clubshop business.
Clubshop GPS Essential Training
About Lesson

The GPS is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product sold through a monthly subscription which value is much higher than its price. Our current pricing structure is as follows:

  • First Month: $50 ($150 if you want also the VIP Resale Annual License)
  • Second Month and subsequent months: $50

The subscription always expires on the first day of the following month.

However, you have the opportunity to renew it before the end of the following month to avoid cancellation from the VIP Plan.

For instance, if you activate your GPS on September 30th, it will expire on October 1st, just as if you had activated it on September 1st.

But you have until midnight on the last day of the month (e.g., October 31st) to make the first renewal payment, and this deadline applies to every subsequent month as well.

To maintain a seamless experience, we recommend adopting a best practice of renewing your subscription on the first day of each month or well before the maximum deadline.

This practice helps minimize the risk of cancellation if you happen to forget to renew before the deadline.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Automatic Renewal

Once your monthly earnings reach at least $50, the next renewal fee will be automatically deducted from your earnings. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out. We’re here to help!

GPS is a commissionable product

As we said above, the GPS is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product sold through a monthly subscription.

It’s an advanced integrated Marketing and CRM Platform with multiple buit-in system that enable people to work easily and better at development of their Clubshop Mall’s Global Market included in their Free Clubshop Membership.

As a satisfied GPS user, knowing how to leverage it, you’re in the best position to sell it to whoever maybe interested in working professionally at the development of our fe-Commerce movement.

That’s why as a GPS subscriber you automatically qualify as a Vested Income Partner and we reward you with a $25 direct monthly commission on every GPS you personally sell.

As a Vested Income Partner you could be entitled to a Leadership Income as detailed in the VIP Business Plan that you can see in its visual version here.

Keep in mind:

Using your GPS tools correctly and consistently is the most effective way to accelerate your TNT Global Market building process, which is why you subscribed to GPS.

However, it’s highly likely that some of your Clubshoppers may choose to purchase a GPS Subscription as well, or you may decide to sell subscriptions yourself. This can be a positive development.

Furthermore, when you have VIP members in your VIP Plan, it’s crucial to offer them the help and support they need to foster a positive team spirit. This can result in even greater growth in both your TNT Global Market and VIP Plan. In this section, you will learn more about these topics.

And remember, the VIP Business Plan is specifically designed to ensure that all VIPs offer and receive the support they deserve and engage in effective teamwork.

That’s why the additional income stream that you can earn as a VIP Sponsor, which we call “Leadership Income,” is exceptionally generous, making it an excellent opportunity for financial growth.

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