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fe-Commerce VIP – Speed up your business-building process
Discover effective ways to foster a supportive and collaborative team environment that promotes growth, mentorship, and success.
VIP Marketing Actions
This section teaches you how to expand your FREE TNT Global Market with Clubshoppers, Merchant Affiliates, and Affinity Groups.
(LEGACY) Strategic Vision Of Your Clubshop Business
"Ignorant quem portum petat nullus suus ventus est." - Seneca. "No wind is favorable for the sailor who doesn't know which port he wants to land at." Speaking this metaphor Seneca almost certainly had your Clubshop business in mind. Without knowing where you want to go with it, you won't go anywhere. Watching this webinar divided into eight short videos, and sharing the Clubshop mission is therefore essential for anyone who wants to achieve important results with their Clubshop business.
Clubshop GPS Essential Training
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A thriving fe-Local market relies on two key conditions: 

  1. a substantial number of active fe-Merchants 
  2. and a significant presence of Clubshoppers in the area. 

Without these two elements, the results will be limited both for merchants and Vested Income Partners like you.

The question is, how do you create these essential conditions?

Is it worth your time?

First, consider if the effort is worthwhile. As a dedicated VIP, dedicating a few hours a day to introduce fe-Commerce to local merchants can be challenging, especially if you’re not naturally extroverted. 

Initial conversations might feel awkward, and that’s entirely normal. 

Remember, as a consumer, your goal is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with these merchants. 

The better you connect, the more they’ll benefit, and the more Clubshoppers you’ll bring in.

Approach these interactions with ease, maintain a friendly attitude, and don’t forget to smile.

The Math Behind It

Suppose you decide to activate 5 merchants per day, 5 days a week. 

In one month, you’ll activate 5 x 5 x 4 = 100 Merchants. 

If these merchants grasp the incredible benefits of having fe-Clubshoppers register for free, they’ll eagerly promote the fe-Commerce marketing material with their QR Codes.

Now, let’s imagine these 100 fe-Merchants each register an average of 100 Clubshoppers.

That’s 10,000 new Clubshoppers in your fe-Global Market. They have at least 100 locations to shop and earn cashback, not to mention the opportunities for online shopping at the Clubshop Mall.

These 10,000 Clubshoppers, thanks to their purchases, generate commissions for you. 

Even with a conservative estimate of $0.1 monthly commission per shopper, you’ll earn a $1,000 Monthly Passive Income. 

If we’re optimistic and assume an average of $1 per shopper, that’s a $10,000 monthly passive income.

Don’t Go Solo: Teamwork Makes Dreams Work

Once you recognize the incredible potential of building a local market by helping people and merchants save and earn, you won’t be able to keep it to yourself. 

You’ll share the fe-Commerce revolution and its earning potential with everyone you meet.

Now, consider the impact of having nine more VIPs as enthusiastic as you are, all dedicated to helping merchants and shoppers save and earn. The math is straightforward:

10 VIPs x 100 new fe-Merchants each = 1,000 fe-Merchants.

1,000 fe-Merchants x 100 New Clubshoppers each = 100,000 Clubshoppers in your Local/Global Market.

Even with a conservative estimate of $0.1 monthly commission per shopper, you’ll earn a $10,000 Monthly Passive Income. 

You can decide what you believe the average monthly commission might be. 

Play with the figures and dream big! It lets you feel good and elevates your spirit and determination, which helps you attract prosperity. 

So go out there, ignite the fe-Commerce movement, and watch your local market multiply its results by ten. It’s all within your reach!

Does this substantial income sound far-fetched? 

Not when you consider it as a well-deserved reward for your hard work in spreading the word about the upcoming commerce revolution that will soon become the global standard. 

Fe-Commerce will create unprecedented synergies for the benefit of all parties involved, making it the next big thing in online and offline commerce.

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