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fe-Commerce VIP – Speed up your business-building process
Discover effective ways to foster a supportive and collaborative team environment that promotes growth, mentorship, and success.
VIP Marketing Actions
This section teaches you how to expand your FREE TNT Global Market with Clubshoppers, Merchant Affiliates, and Affinity Groups.
(LEGACY) Strategic Vision Of Your Clubshop Business
"Ignorant quem portum petat nullus suus ventus est." - Seneca. "No wind is favorable for the sailor who doesn't know which port he wants to land at." Speaking this metaphor Seneca almost certainly had your Clubshop business in mind. Without knowing where you want to go with it, you won't go anywhere. Watching this webinar divided into eight short videos, and sharing the Clubshop mission is therefore essential for anyone who wants to achieve important results with their Clubshop business.
Clubshop GPS Essential Training
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As a Team Pilot, how do I set up my TNT line builder?

In the TNT Global Market plan, you are a Team Pilot when you have completed six vertical lines of Members.

As a Team Pilot your second-phase line-builder becomes active and automatically pre-filled with the IDs# of your fist generation members to help their respective line-builders to complete their six vertical line or their downline members if they already have six-vertical lines completed.

And so on in the deeper generation to help all members progressively.

But let’s say one of of your first-generation members become inactive and after 90 days, they are sent to the bottom pool as per the active member rule.

In that case, the IDs should be automatically replaced with the member who have replaced them in your first generation.

If you have more than six vertical lines, you should merge some vertical lines into one to build no more than six vertical lines.


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