How To Get Started

Please see the introductory video above to review the GPS concept.

People can choose to join the Club by selecting the most suitable type of membership available:

  • Shopper: Earn Cashback when you shop online at the ClubShop Mall.
  • Affiliate: Just like Shopper, but you also get paid to refer people to become members.
  • Partner: Get paid to have your own Clubshop Rewards Online Mall, global sales organization, and home business “on autopilot.”

Due to the scope of this course, we don’t consider here the “Shopper” type.

These are the three easy steps to start taking advantage of your Clubshop Business:

  1. Signup as a Clubshop affiliate. It’s FREE, with No Obligations.
  2. Read all the information carefully on your thank you page right after your registration and start your FREE-NO-OBLIGATIONS-30-Day FREE GPS Trial Program immediately.
  3. Confirm the GPS you’re trying as soon as you’ve understood how FANTASTIC it is!

In the following lessons, you’re going to learn more about our unique and valuable 30-Day FREE GPS Trial Program.

It’s an excellent way to show the business opportunity to the world without asking any money and involve only loyal partners, better informed, and genuinely interested in what Clubshop has to offer.

The video on this page gives you an overall idea of Clubshop Business and its GPS, and it’s the same one that our Trial Partners can see in their Control Center.

Whenever you feel lost, look at our Support page from your Dashboard > Menu Personal > Support.

The very first thing to do as a Clubshop Member

You signed up as a Clubshop Member to earn cashback if you are a Shopper Member and Bonuses and commissions if you signed up as an Affiliate or became a Partner.

So,  we need to know how to get in touch with you to assist and support you accordingly and where you want to receive your earnings.

That’s why you need to set up your Commissions Payment Preferences as soon as you become a Clubshop Member.

Please watch the video below to understand how to set up your preferences properly.