Empowering fe-Merchants for Limitless Growth in fe-Commerce

Enthusiastic Endorsement: The Key to Their Success

For fe-Commerce Merchants to truly succeed and contribute to the broader fe-Commerce movement and global prosperity, it’s essential that they fully grasp the multitude of aspects and benefits associated with being fe-Merchants. 

Their enthusiasm for the fe-Commerce principles and philosophy is paramount.

If these merchants are genuinely excited about making a difference in the commerce landscape and building something remarkable, they’ll eagerly promote the customizable marketing materials available to them at the Clubshop Outlet.  These materials allow them to register people FOR FREE as Clubshoppers and expand their reach significantly.

Let’s take a look at the various QR Code customizable marketing materials available to fe-Merchants:

  • Roll-Up Banners (85 x 200 cm): These banners can be strategically placed inside their establishments, emphasizing the importance of their fe-Commerce participation and making it easy to register customers for a program that offers more than just loyalty rewards.
  • Giant Window Stickers (Available soon): These stickers can capture the attention of passersby, even those who have never set foot in their shops, inviting them to join the fe-Commerce revolution.
  • Trifold Brochures: Ideal for personal interactions, fe-Merchants can hand these brochures to each customer, inviting them to scan the QR Code and register instantly.
  • Other Merchandising Items: From mugs and T-shirts to bags and more, a range of merchandising items are already available, with more in development.

Note: Your prospective merchant partners may express concerns about the cost of acquiring marketing materials and the associated shipping expenses. One effective preemptive solution is to collaborate with a local business specialized in printing, which you can activate as a fe-Merchant, even before approaching other local merchants. By directing more business their way, you simplify your initial experience in activating merchants. Once they apply as fe-Merchants, we can supply them with the necessary files to produce marketing materials locally at a more competitive price, eliminating shipping costs while still generating cashback and commissions for fe-Commerce Global Market Shoppers.

The Training Course for fe-Merchants

All fe-Merchants have access to their dedicated training course:  a concise and straightforward guide which empower them with all they need to know to take maximum advantage from their fe-Participation. It’s important you go through this course too, to be more prepared in answering their questions.

The fe-Merchant Training Course

All fe-Merchants gain access to their dedicated training course—a concise and straightforward guide that empowers them with all the knowledge they need to maximize their fe-Participation benefits. It’s essential for you to complete this course as well to be better prepared in responding to their inquiries. By actively embracing fe-Commerce, fe-Merchants not only boost their turnover significantly but also rapidly create a thriving TNT Global Market, with thousands of Clubshoppers expanding their Market globally without any limits on its size. What makes this approach even more exceptional is that it’s all completely FREE, accomplished through the act of gifting and mutual support. Isn’t this approach profoundly Fair, Ethical, and a powerful demonstration of solidarity? Undoubtedly, yes! And it’s in perfect alignment with UN SDGS Goal 1: NO Poverty.

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