Local Merchants Program Flow For Partners

Table of Contents

Setup Your Landing Pages

If you’re an authorized Partner, you will find the Local Merchant Template List section in the usual Landing Pages setup page.

Set them up by giving them the name you like to create the link you need to register local merchants. Please see here the templates currently available:

  1. Template 1.
  2. Template 2.

After submitting the signup form, where they also select the commission percentage they want to pay us for the sales we produce for them,  we lead the new Merchant Affiliate to this thank you page template. 

Here, we explain why they can also choose to subscribe to GPS and become VIPs to get more Marketing and CRM tools.

To become active and visible to our Members, Merchants must first deposit money into their Clubshop Wallet.

We’ll deduct Money from their wallet to pay Cashback and TNT Commissions whenever a Clubshop Member shops at their venue to instantly credit cashback to the shopper and TNT Commissions to upline Partners.

Merchant Marketing

Merchants must set up marketing tools to show and promote their business to Clubshop Members.

  • Dashboard > Menu Tools > Marketing.
They have three sections to set up:
  1. Business Page. For business descriptions, images, and whatever they want to let people know.
  2. Company’s Logo.
  3. Discounts. They can set up special offers whenever they want.

Depending on the place’s availability, we could include the Merchant’s business page in the Clubshop Virtual Mall with priority to the higher cashback percentages offered to give even more visibility to the local Merchant.

A google map shows the exact Merchant’s location based on the address they’ve set up in their profile.

It’s important to take care of this essential merchant tool.

Approval PIN Set Up

The Affiliate Merchant must set up their secret PIN to approve the commission due every time a Clubshop Member purchases in their store, as explained in the section below.

Dashboard > Login/Sign Up > Edit Profile > Sales Approval PIN.

Sales Approval

Once their accounts are set up through the previous steps, Merchant Affiliates can start receiving Clubshop Members as customers.

Dashboard > Tools > Download Payment QR Code

Merchants must download their QR Code and keep it handy or expose it at the cash desk to allow Clubshop members to register rapidly the purchase they just made.

  1. The Clubshop Member scans the QR Code.
  2. The Clubshop Member type the amount they just spent in the shop.
  3. The Merchant types their PIN to approve the sale registration.
  4. The system automatically deducts the corresponding commission from the Merchant’s Clubshop Wallet.
  5. The system automatically assigns Cashback and TNT commissions.

NOTE: if the Merchant’s Clubshop wallet balance is not enough to cover the commission due, it will show an alert message informing that the transaction could not get through for that reason. The Merchant may add funds to their Clubshop Wallet and then retry the approval.

Refer Customers To Loyal Program

Merchant affiliates are instantly entitled to use the Clubshop Local Merchant program as the most effective loyal program ever conceived for their business.

It means they may allow all their existing and future customer to register as Clubshop Members to give them a GREAT INCENTIVE to come back often and who at their store.

It’s a win-win situation because doing so.

  1. Customers can earn Cashback whenever they shop again at the merchant’s store.
  2. Customers can keep accumulating Cashback whenever they’ll shop at other thousands of local and online stores.
  3. Merchants increase customer loyalty, purchase frequency, and average sale amount.
  4. Merchants earn a commission even when their shop is closed and every time their customers shop at any local or online Clubshop Merchant Affiliates.

So, if, on the one hand, merchants have a very effective marketing cost, on the other hand, they may recuperate that cost very quickly and even have an additional income from other Clubshop Merchant Affiliates sales.

Furthermore, they may also deduct this marketing cost from their income taxes,

To signup shoppers and earn direct commission from them is straightforward.

They only need to download, print, and expose their QR Code flyers:

Dashboard > Tools > Download Flyer Images.

When people scan the QR Code and are automatically directed to the Merchant’s landing page to register (Click to see the Landing Page Template)

Upgrade From Merchant Affiliate To Merchant VIP

From the very beginning or later, all fe-Merchants may decide to subscribe to GPS to qualify automatically as VIPs and get all the benefits briefly explained on the Thank you Page they saw right after their registration.

Click the to see the Merchant VIPs benefits.