What is the GPS Platform?

What is the GPS Platform?

The GPS, or Global Partner System, is an innovative Marketing and CRM Platform meticulously designed to empower you in:

  • promoting your Clubshop Mall,
  • expanding your Clubshop Mall’s presence in the fe-Commerce Free Global Market,
  • optimizing sales across all Clubshop Mall merchants (both online and offline, regardless of their location).

For those new to Clubshop Mall, please understand it serves as a dynamic online shopping destination offering an endless array of products and services. It functions as a central hub where consumers from around the world can explore and make purchases from a diverse range of merchants, both online and offline, all while enjoying enticing cashback rewards and substantial savings through coupons and exclusive offers. The primary objective of the GPS Platform is to help you in steadily establishing a robust passive income stream by capitalizing on the continuous purchases of products and services made by satisfied consumers worldwide who benefit from these exclusive perks.


It’s important to understand that if you are an enthusiastic GPS fan and use it for its real purpose as explained above, we believe you are in the best position to help us

  • sell it to other people interested in joining the mission to expand the fe-Commerce global movement and its Free Market.
  • assist your customers (VIP) in leveraging all of its functions.

That’s why, if you choose to do so, you can also sell it and earn a generous additional income stream based on your personal GPS sales and your efforts to support your GPS customers. For all the details about this additional (and optional) income stream, please check the VIP Business Plan.