The Unique Clubshop Business Cycle

This aspect is one of the components that make Clubshop business unique.

When you start a business, you’d better ask yourself if it’s going to last or to evaporate in just a few weeks or months.

With Clubshop, it’s easy to find the answer. Why?

Because, first of all, because Clubshop exists since 1997. The Internet prehistory. We invented the online cashback business concept that, since then, countless other companies tried to copy. 

Second, because the entire Clubshop’s business model has been designed based on its sustainability in the very long term, and this is easy to understand once you realize that every single part included in the cycle gets its own, clear, and transparent benefit.

What are these parts?

  1. End consumers: shoppers, affiliates, partners. With no purchase obligation at all, but we’re all end consumers, happy to earn cashback on all kinds of every-day products and services when we need them.
  2. Affiliates and Partners: they instantly earn ongoing commissions when end consumers receive cashback.
  3. Affiliated Vendors: without upfront investments, they can increase their sales by getting more and more Clubshop’s members as loyal returning customers.
  4. The Company: through  the whole process, we can pursue our noble mission of “building extraordinary lives for ordinary people.”

Our global team of Partners represents the real engine of the entire system. Those “ordinary people” that are the core of our whole business.

We designed the business having them in mind.

They usually already have a primary job and a family to take care of. Whatever their primary task could be, they have an essential role in society. But they’re not earning enough to live the prosperous kind of life they deserve.

And we don’t want them to sacrifice too much of their free time to run a second heavy job or business.

That’s why we designed the “Global Partner System” or GPS as it is. All the heavy tasks you need to build a rock-solid business and passive income have been put virtually on auto-pilot. So, to be highly successful, nobody needs to be an internet marketing Guru or invest countless hours every week.

Anybody can learn the fundamental aspects of their Clubshop business.

So, everybody can perform the only tasks a Clubshop Partner needs to perform persistently: to be happy and have fun while offering their friendly help to their teammates while being visible and active in our global online community.

Please watch the video in this lesson to understand how the Clubshop Business Cycle works.


To pursue such a noble mission like ours, we needed to provide all our partners with a safe and secure “vehicle” and a clear roadmap, able to lead them step-by-step to their dreamed destination within a reasonable period.

We needed to base both vehicle and roadmap on real benefits, actually brought to the end consumers.

But all the above alone was still not enough for us.

We were also aware that even if 99% of people on this planet are theoretically interested in increasing their income, only a very few have got the time, skills, and money they need to be truly successful in any business opportunity of any kind we’ve seen so far.

We had in mind all those millions of people worldwide, who already work eight hours a day or so at their regular job, but, despite the importance of the essential role they have for the society they live in, are not earning enough to live the fulfilling life they deserve.

Isn’t it unfair?

We also know that these people cannot sacrifice their free time to work at a second job or business because, again, they deserve much more than a stressful life, mainly devoted to their work.

And we never forgot all those who not even have a job at all.

That’s why we’ve built a business that works virtually on auto-pilot, extremely affordable, and open to everybody, where we all (Company and ordinary people worldwide) come together to maximize everyone’s results, by minimizing everyone’s efforts and focusing them towards the same common goal.

The Clubshop Business Circle is a straightforward representation of Clubshop’s entire business cycle. We designed it to let you understand, in a matter of seconds, everything you need to know to get started.

You can even use it to quickly explain the entire business concept to anybody interested in a solid extra-income, based on a proven system that makes much sense to all parties involved, which is why it works.

Clubshop Business Circle in a few words:

  1. The Company invests in ongoing centralized advertising campaigns to keep building the TangiWorld Community.
  2. Thanks to these campaigns, thousands of new Clubshop Shoppers and Affiliates signup every day.
  3. A percentage of these members decide to subscribe to GPS (Global Partner System) and become Partner, to get all that they need to put their business on auto-pilot. Including the right to a specific number of monthly advertising shares, which means they get a precise number of shoppers/affiliates into their team every month and earn a commission from their purchases.
  4. Shoppers, Affiliates, and Partners have significant incentives to shop regularly at thousands of Clubshop affiliated stores to earn cash back and save money online and offline.
  5. The more members and partners, the higher the budget the Company can reinvest in new and more significant advertising campaigns, the more natural affiliates and partners increase their buying power AND monthly income.

Business Cycle

For a more detailed Clubshop Business Cycle explanation, click here and watch the video.

Remember: GPS is also the fastest and easiest way to get automatically qualified as a Partner every month.