Am I Required to Sell GPS Subscriptions as a VIP?

Am I Required to Sell GPS Subscriptions as a VIP?

No, you are not obligated to sell any subscriptions.

As a Clubshop member, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the company and the GPS. First, let’s clarify what the GPS is: Proprofit Worldwide LTD owns the Clubshop Rewards brand and offers a subscription-based Saas (Software as a Service) called the Clubshop Global Partner System (GPS).

Users can choose a subscription plan and pay a monthly or annual fee to Proprofit. If you decide to purchase the Global Partner System, it’s because you’re interested in using its powerful tools to enhance your performance in the fe-Commerce TNT Free Global Market for your Clubshop 3D Mall.

The GPS Subscription page highlights that the Global Partner System is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that provides a comprehensive Marketing and CRM Platform. It’s designed to help you build your fe-Commerce Global Market for your Clubshop 3D Mall and boost sales. It’s entirely normal if you want to be an enthusiastic user of the GPS but have no interest in selling GPS subscriptions. We understand that.

However, if you are passionate about the GPS and have a good understanding of its features, you are in a great position to sell it to others with minimal effort.

Among the shoppers in your Free Market, or anywhere else in the world, there will likely be individuals interested in subscribing to GPS for the same reasons you find it valuable.

We’re delighted to have you as a Vested Income Partner if you choose to sell the GPS as a VIP. In this role, you’re not just a salesperson; you become the primary point of contact for the people you sell the GPS to.

You should be prepared to support them, help them make the most of the software, and even act as a mentor if they also want to sell GPS subscriptions. Before subscribing to GPS, we encourage you to take a 10-question test to determine if becoming a VIP and selling GPS subscriptions aligns with your goals.

If you score 10/10, we welcome you to join the VIP Global Team and actively contribute to the fe-Commerce movement’s development. Our VIP Plan generously rewards you for helping us sell our product and support GPS customers who qualify as VIPs, just like you.

However, we emphasize that you should subscribe to GPS only if you intend to use its tools to passionately develop your Free TNT Global Market which, alone, allows you to build a great passive income even without GPS.

Dedication and persistence are essential for success in Clubshop fe-Commerce, and you can achieve your dreams even faster by following the leadership income goals outlined in the VIP Business Plan. Remember, we’re here to support your journey, whether you choose to focus on using GPS or also become a VIP Sponsor.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further guidance.