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There are two separate compensation plans designed to work in synergies and boost the results of each other. You need to understand both of them to get the maximum benefit from your Clubshop FREE Membership.
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Easy techniques to help the fe-Commerce Movement Expansion through your TNT Global Market Growth.
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For the audacious, we’ve got something big: the VIP Instant Duplication Program.

What is the VIP IDP? It’s an incredible, free offer extended to every new Clubshopper, as well as to existing ones who haven’t yet activated it. Here’s a breakdown of how it enhances the Clubshopping experience:

  • Rapid Growth in Your fe-Commerce FREE Global Market: As soon as you register, within just 24 hours, you’ll begin receiving new personal shopper members directly into your Global Market in real time. This is the first step in rapidly expanding your Clubshopper base.
  • Shared Sponsorship with a Twist: These new shoppers aren’t exclusively yours; they will also be linked to other co-sponsors. The key here is speed – they will permanently affiliate with the first co-sponsor who activates their GPS. It’s a race to engage and activate these shoppers!
  • Doubling Your Potential: The IDP doesn’t just add a few Clubshoppers; it significantly boosts your potential. These new Clubshoppers will be added to the 20 already included in your VIP GPS subscription, doubling your fe-Commerce Global Market to 40 Clubshoppers potentially ready to activate GPS and start purchasing at the fe-Commerce retailers.
  • The Urgency of Activation: Time is of the essence. Since these 20 Clubshoppers are shared, if you’re not quick enough, other co-sponsors might engage them first. Or, if a Clubshopper activates their VIP GPS before you do, they will move out of your fe-Commerce global market.
  • Exclusive Sponsorship Upon Activation: Once you activate your GPS, you secure an exclusive sponsorship with them. This means that after subscribing to the GPS, you lock in your role as their sole sponsor, opening up more opportunities for your Clubshopping venture as a Vested Income Partner (VIP).

Fresh Clubshoppers who jumped on board recently already have their IDP activated here on the VIP Upgrade Page.

All the others can activate it now through their Dashboard’s “My Daily Statistics” box: ClubShop Login.

To learn more about its potential, dive into this punchy 30-minute webinar. It’s a game-changer, revealing how a bunch of audacious souls can earn $12,000 monthly.

The 100% Discount: The VIP Instant Duplication Program is also paired with the VIP Resale License’s 100% discount. This means quick decision-makers can save $100 and get the VIP license at no cost! (NOTE: if you don’t see the $100 discount on your VIP Upgrade page anymore, it’s because it’s no longer available, sorry).

For your information, here is what Clubshoppers see on their VIP Upgrade page during the three days of their IDP validity:




Within 24 hours of your registration, you’ll start receiving new personal shopper members in real time.

However, these shoppers, in addition to you, will have other co-sponsors and will permanently remain with the first co-sponsor who activates their GPS. These shoppers will join the existing 20 shoppers already included in your VIP GPS subscription, making a total of 40 shoppers potentially interested in activating the GPS and making purchases!

But act quickly! Because you’re sharing them with others, you might lose them at any moment. Moreover, if any of them activates VIP GPS before you, they will bypass you, and in that case, you’ll lose them as well. On the other hand, right after subscribing to GPS, you’ll have the guarantee of becoming their exclusive sponsor.

Stay on this page and refresh it multiple times to see how the number of your shoppers and your potential commissions grow.

On average, you’ll start receiving the first shoppers and commissions about 5 to 10 minutes after registration. Keep in mind that, at this moment, thanks to the Leadership Sponsor Bonus explained further down on this page, you can earn an immediate profit of $25 for each VIP.

VIP Instant Duplication Program ExampleVIP Instant Duplication Program 2

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