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Compensation Plans
There are two separate compensation plans designed to work in synergies and boost the results of each other. You need to understand both of them to get the maximum benefit from your Clubshop FREE Membership.
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Easy techniques to help the fe-Commerce Movement Expansion through your TNT Global Market Growth.
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If it’s not very clear to you what the Global Partner System, or GPS, is, first click here to read this page carefully.


To activate your GPS Platform click the “Upgrade To VIP” button you see on your Dashboard and proceed with the first-month payment.

What’s the cost of the GPS subscription?

You can access the full-featured GPS platform at the following rates:

  • First month: $150 (excluding tax where applicable)
  • Subsequent months: $50/month (excluding tax where applicable)

As indicated, from the second month onward, you’ll benefit from a reduced monthly renewal fee of only $50.

Paying with PayPal Without an Account

If you’re from a country where certain credit or debit cards are restricted by card companies, you might encounter payment failures. Don’t worry! At checkout, you can opt for PayPal—even if you don’t have an account. Check out this video tutorial on how to directly use a credit/debit card via PayPal without needing an account.


Your GPS subscription is billed monthly, always from the first to the last day of the month.

Ideally, the GPS should be renewed on the first day of each month.

However, we offer a “grace period,” allowing you to renew until the last day of the month.

Failure to renew within this time means you’ll be removed from the VIP Plan and lose all associated benefits. However, your Clubshopper status will remain active.

To renew your GPS, simply click the “GPS Renewal” button in your dashboard and follow the prompts.

GPS Renewal


Should you have at least $50 in payable commissions by month’s end, the upcoming monthly fee will be automatically taken from these funds to renew your GPS on the first day of the subsequent month.

Click here to find out the consequences of not paying your GPS monthly fee.

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