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Compensation Plans
There are two separate compensation plans designed to work in synergies and boost the results of each other. You need to understand both of them to get the maximum benefit from your Clubshop FREE Membership.
Marketing Tips
Easy techniques to help the fe-Commerce Movement Expansion through your TNT Global Market Growth.
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You’ve Got TNT!

The Exclusive Taproot Networking Technique, integrated into our fe-Commerce Global Market development process, stands as a pivotal element that defines the uniqueness of this entire project. Understanding this technique is key to unlocking its numerous advantages to the fullest extent.

TNT has been meticulously crafted to yield the following primary benefits for each Clubshopper:

  1. Accelerate Income Growth: TNT expedites the income-building process, helping you achieve financial milestones more rapidly.
  2. Ensuring Income Stability: TNT is designed to safeguard your income, even in the event of inactivity or cancellations among your fellow Clubshoppers.
  3. Fostering Mutual Assistance: TNT cultivates a dynamic ecosystem where the actions of each Clubshopper mutually benefit one another, creating a collaborative and supportive community. 

The ultimate objective is to empower you to maximize the profits generated by your fe-Commerce FREE Global Market. This is accomplished through a combination of factors, including:

  • A) Maximizing the Number of Active Worldwide Clubshoppers.
  • B) Increasing the Average Monthly Commissions.

Here are some illustrative examples of the monthly earnings that your growing Global Market could potentially generate, underlining the limitless potential of TNT:

  • When you have 100 Clubshoppers in your TNT Global Market, and each of them generates a $0.1 average monthly commission through their purchases, your total monthly earnings from these Clubshoppers would be $10.
  • If you have 100 Clubshoppers, each contributing a $1 average monthly commission through their purchases, your monthly earnings would amount to $100.
  • Expanding further, when 1,000 Clubshoppers in your TNT Global Market generate a $1 average monthly commission each, your monthly earnings would total $1,000.
  • With 10,000 Clubshoppers, each producing a $1 average monthly commission through their purchases, your monthly earnings could reach $10,000.
  • For greater potential, envision 10,000 Clubshoppers in your TNT Global Market, with each of them generating an average monthly commission of $2, your monthly earnings could soar to $20,000.
  • As your Global Market continues to grow, with 20,000 Clubshoppers at a $2 average monthly commission, your potential monthly earnings could reach an impressive $40,000.

Keep in mind that within the fe-Commerce framework, your commissions are derived from the organic consumption of millions of products and services that people regularly purchase to fulfill their everyday needs, desires, and wishes. 

In other words, you earn money each time people save money on their everyday shopping through cashback, coupons, and special offers.

This offers a dynamic platform for income generation with remarkable growth potential.

How TNT Builds Your Market

When you register for FREE as a Clubshopper, you are automatically placed in a vertical line alongside other Clubshoppers like you.

The TNT Line Builder tool, used by your fellow Clubshoppers, begins by constructing your initial vertical line consisting of six Clubshoppers.

By opting for the JumpStart Option, you can receive 12 Clubshoppers to expand your subsequent vertical lines of Shoppers further.

Each Clubshopper within your Market replicates the same three steps mentioned above, continually adding new Clubshoppers to your Global Market.

You have the option to keep building additional Vertical Lines, following the same process, which concurrently assists other Clubshoppers in your market.

Team Pilot: Everyone’s First Goal

By adhering to the five points listed above, you can swiftly achieve the primary goal that every active Clubshopper should aim for becoming a Team Pilot.

You become a Team Pilot when you have six vertical lines, each comprising six FREE Clubshoppers.

Team Pilot: Mutual Support

Being a Team Pilot is highly advantageous, akin to having 36 engines in your Market that contribute to the expansion of your FREE Global Market.

Each new Clubshopper they bring in serves both as an additional engine for mutual expansion and a source of commissions for you.

Unlimited Depth

You can visualize the six generations of your FREE Global Market as the tip of the iceberg.

In reality, your Clubshoppers can continue expanding your market into unlimited deep generations. This is particularly beneficial because, under our roll-up commissions system, you can earn commissions even if sales occur in your 100th generation or beyond.

TNT Iceberg Concept

Same rights with different potential

Within your expanding Global Market, you’ll encounter various membership types, including Clubshoppers, VIPs, Merchants, and Affinity Groups.

This diversity is a tremendous advantage because, despite all membership types enjoying equal earnings rights, a natural variation exists in their ability to contribute to the growth of their (and your) Global Market.

For instance, as you may have seen in this lesson, having even just one VIP among your Clubshoppers (or being a VIP yourself) can significantly influence your Market-building journey.

Similarly, having one or more active and dedicated merchants who recognize the potential of fe-Commerce as a Loyalty Program for their customers can make a substantial impact. They can effortlessly attract numerous Clubshoppers simply by displaying merchandising materials both inside and outside their location.

And what if you have some Affinity Groups (Non-profit Organizations) in your local market? By registering their supporters for free, these groups can continuously receive donations from fe-Commerce whenever their members shop and save money.

At this point, it should be clear that thanks to TNT, you can consistently acquire new Clubshoppers, VIPs, Merchants, and Affinity Groups for your Global Market, even with zero effort on your part, thanks to the efforts of others.

We are confident that once you realize that all you need to do is offer people a free fe-Commerce Membership of any kind, which exclusively brings them benefits without any drawbacks, you’ll be eager to contribute personally to the global expansion of fe-Commerce.

Remember the following:

Your Line Builder Image

Your line builder, as well as each Clubshopper’s line builder, is configured so that if your first line doesn’t have six Clubshoppers, the line builder must remain active on the first line and cannot be deactivated.

You have the option to activate more lines, but you cannot deactivate the first line until it is completed with at least six Clubshoppers vertically.

Upon completing your six vertical lines with a minimum of six Clubshoppers in each, you qualify as a Team Pilot, and the “second goal line builder” is automatically activated on each of your six first-generation partners to complement the work of their respective line builders.

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