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Compensation Plans
There are two separate compensation plans designed to work in synergies and boost the results of each other. You need to understand both of them to get the maximum benefit from your Clubshop FREE Membership.
Marketing Tips
Easy techniques to help the fe-Commerce Movement Expansion through your TNT Global Market Growth.
Clubshop Fair & Ethical Commerce Training Course
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fe-Commerce TNT Global Market

  1. This Global Market includes all member types: Shoppers, VIPs, Merchants, Affinity Groups.
  2. All members register for free and may refer others. They have all the same privileges. They all have the “Clubshopper” status.
  3. All earn cashback plus commissions on all other members’ purchases in 6 generations of their Active Global Market.
  4. They are distributed into the lines per the usual principles: based on their original sponsors’ first position free at the bottom of the existing lines, never below their original sponsor’s 6th generation.
  5. Stand-by Status: every new month, all shoppers appear in “Stand-by status” until they make at least one purchase in any Clubshop Mall Store.
  6. Commissions Roll-Up: All shoppers in Stand-by status don’t count as a generation for the upline commissions’ calculation. For example, you may earn a 1st generation commission on a purchase in your 20th generation if all 19 members between you and that purchase are in Stand-By status. 
  7. Inactive Members: If a member is in Stand-By with no purchases for more than 90 days, they lose their position, and they’re placed in their Original Sponsor’s “Big Pool” and start from scratch at the subsequent Clubshop Mall purchase or if they claim their TNT position through the button on their Dashboard.
  8. When inactive members make a qualifying purchase, they become active again. If they are still in the Big Pool, they get out of it, and they’re transferred accordingly to their original sponsor’s line builder settings.
  9. The deeper the sale occur in the six payable generations, the higher theTNT commissions rate a member earns, as reported in the table below. For example if a sale occurred in your 1st generation you earn 4% of the commission volume. If the sale occurred in your 6th generation, you earn 40% of the commission volume.
  10. If a Shopper Member buys the Global Partner System to manage their online business professionally, they automatically qualify as VIPs (Vested Income Partners), and a new position in the VIP Incentive Plan is opened for them automatically.
  11. The COOP Share purchases are treated as regular Mall sales and generate commissions as all the other products, giving Shoppers the active requirement for that month.
  12.  All kinds of Members may buy COOP Shares to add members, which contributes to building their TNT Free Global Market.

Temporary Incentives and Bonuses.

Clubshop periodically provides targeted fast start strategies, incentives, and bonuses. Currently, you can leverage two powerful components to enhance your business-building journey: The JumpStart Option and The Shop&Build Program. Please read more about these incentives in the corresponding lessons of this course.

1. JumpStart Option

  1. Every new Clubshop Member, can click the button to ask for the “JumpStart” before the end of their first 30 days as Clubshop members.
  2. To activate the JumpStart, users are required to make a purchase at the Clubshop Outlet within 48 hours. The purchase must be of a minimum value of $10, excluding shipping and taxes.
  3. Once their purchase is completed, we credit them with 6 COOP Shares, which gives them the right to receive 12 Shopper Member accounts into their TNT Global Market.
  4. The Members they’ll receive will be distributed by their line builder to complete their first second, or more, vertical lines.

2 .Shop&Build Program

Clubshop has introduced the new Shop&Build program to assist all FREE Shopper Members in growing their Clubshop TNT Free Global Market effortlessly, even while shopping online and where already possible, offline.

With no commitments required, you’ll accumulate credits every time you make a purchase at hundreds of ClubShop mall stores worldwide, gradually reaching the predefined thresholds visible on your dashboard.

Whenever you reach one of these thresholds, you can request the corresponding quantity of COOP Advertising Shares.

For instance, once you’ve spent $500 anywhere at the ClubShop mall stores, you can claim 10 COOP shares.

The same opportunity is available to ALL other Shopper Members in your TNT Free Global Market. This collective benefit accelerates the duplication and subsequent development of your Global Market.

This incentive not only automates team building but also lets you earn commissions from numerous purchases made by fellow teammates in the months and years ahead.

3. The Loyal Shoppers Monthly Race (Coming Soon)

Commissions rates.

Bear in mind that your Clubshop business is different from any traditional business based on sales. Considering a single sale commission, it’s not very helpful to let you perceive the income potential that you have as a GPS subscriber. We designed GPS to help you build, month after month, a vast global shared market for your Clubshop Mall, with barely any effort on your side.

Click HERE to play with these two calculators to understand your earnings better.

As a Clubshopper, there is no limit on how big your FREE organization and corresponding income can be. BEAR IN MIND: commissions rates are based on the commission volume not on the total sale amount. For example: a member in your sixth generation buy a product worth $100 (tax and shipment excluded) in a shop which offers 10% Cashback like the Clubshop Outlet. Here’s how the commission volume is calculated:

  • $100 x 20% = $20 commission the vendor pays to Clubshop.
  • $20 x 50% = $10 Cashback paid to the purchasing member.
  • $20 x 40% = $8 Commission Volume* to share among the six generations of Members as shown in the table below.
  • $20 x 10% = $2 Company’s profit.

As in this example the $100 purchase occurred in your 6th generation, you earn the 40% of $8 = $3.2 *Commission Volume earnings rates (calculated on the Commission Volume):

  • 1st  Generation:  4%
  • 2nd Generation: 6%
  • 3rd Generation:  8%
  • 4th Generation:  14%
  • 5th Generation:  28%
  • 6th Generation:  40%

How You Make Money As a Clubshop Active Shopper.



Begin by checking the section above about the “Temporary Incentives and Bonuses and act accordingly.

Then consider referring people to any of your Clubshop Landing Pages so they can sign up for a FREE Clubshop Membership and receive a position in your unique TNT Global Market.

NOTE: you can automatically introduce people to your Clubshop Mall’s Market, thanks to the Clubshop Cooperative Advertising System (COOP) shares included in a GPS subscription or ordering COOP shares at any moment.

Their ID number will be linked to your ID number and placed in the best possible TNT Global Market position for you and them.

You receive commissions when they purchase at any of the ClubShop Mall’s stores. You also earn commissions from any other member in your TNT Global Market, even if you did not refer them until your 6th active generation.

It means tens of thousands of Clubshop Members. Example: you have a Clubshop Global Market with 10K Members, generating an average $1 monthly commission. You’re earning a $10,000 monthly passive income.

  • Questions about the Compensation Plan? Go: To Compensation Plan FAQ Page
  • If your questions are not answered on the FAQ page, please write us at [email protected]
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