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Compensation Plans
There are two separate compensation plans designed to work in synergies and boost the results of each other. You need to understand both of them to get the maximum benefit from your Clubshop FREE Membership.
Marketing Tips
Easy techniques to help the fe-Commerce Movement Expansion through your TNT Global Market Growth.
Clubshop Fair & Ethical Commerce Training Course
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Optimizing Your Buying Power with fe-Commerce

Objective: This lesson aims to empower you, a dedicated Clubshopper and fe-Commerce enthusiast, to maximize your buying power and benefits by supporting fe-Companies aligned with our innovative concept.

1. Understand the fe-Commerce Goal: fe-Commerce is primarily designed to augment your purchasing power. This is achieved through steadfast support for fe-Companies that embrace our pioneering concept.

2. The Importance of Your Role: As a Clubshopper:

  • Prioritize your Clubshop Mall for all purchases, offering a plethora of online (and soon, offline) companies.
  • Enjoy cashback, exclusive coupons, and special offers on a vast range of products and services.
  • Earn from the purchases made by fellow Clubshoppers, who, like you, are saving significantly on their routine buys.

3. Mutual Benefits: Increased patronage for our affiliated companies results in enhanced incentives for the entire Clubshopper community. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement!

Step-by-Step Guide to Save Money Online:

  • Step 1: Access your Shopper Dashboard.
  • Step 2: Explore Exclusive Deals
    • Navigate to the best active and upcoming offers at Clubshop Mall via the Coupons and Special Offer search engine on your dashboard.
    • Engage with the Clubshop Mall Entrance image.
  • Step 3: Efficiently Locate & Purchase
    • Visit the Clubshop Mall.
    • Or swiftly locate the shop, products, or categories needed by selecting the “Shop List” icon on the Clubshop Mall page’s right side.
    • Make desired purchases from the selected shops.
  • Step 4: Tracking & Cashback
    • Your purchases are tracked automatically.
    • Cashback is credited upon transaction confirmation by the affiliated merchant, typically within days, sometimes on the purchase day.
    • For cashback not reflected as pending or payable after 2-3 weeks, complete the Missing Order Form available on the Support Page.

Note: Instant 10% cashback is available exclusively at the Clubshop Outlet, visible immediately post-purchase. You find the Clubshop Outlet in the Mall’s first floor, first shop on the left. Or Directly here.

Lesson Summary: Through fe-Commerce, not only do you enhance your buying power, but you also contribute to a cycle of mutual benefits for all Clubshoppers and affiliated fe-Companies. Engage diligently with your Clubshop Mall to discover and leverage the myriad of deals and cashback offers available to you. Happy saving!






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