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Compensation Plans
There are two separate compensation plans designed to work in synergies and boost the results of each other. You need to understand both of them to get the maximum benefit from your Clubshop FREE Membership.
Marketing Tips
Easy techniques to help the fe-Commerce Movement Expansion through your TNT Global Market Growth.
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The BIG Questions!

You’re probably wondering at this moment:

Why did you show the projection, supposing I have 140 FREE Shopper Members in my Global Market? And how on earth could I ever have 140 Shoppers in my Global Market if I don’t invite anyone.”

The answer is straightforward: TNT (Taproot Networking Technique)

Thanks to TNT, you are included in a shared global market formed by People Helping People, as per the Clubshop Mission, since 1997.

This means that when other FREE Shopper Members in your Market refer others, these incoming people may also be part of the same Market and start the duplication shown above.

This concept manifests itself even more thanks to the active contribution given by our wonderful Vested Income Partners, who, thanks to their Global Partner System (GPS) marketing and CRM platform and their enhanced commitment to contributing to the fe-Commerce movement development, are enabled to generate even more FREE Shopper Members for your (which is also theirs) FREE Shoppers Global Market.

Not only that! GPS keep reading…

GPS Subscribers COOP Advertising Entitlement.

Their GPS Subscription comes with 10 Advertising Cooperative Marketing Shares we automatically assign them the first month of their subscription.

Each COOP Share corresponds to two FREE Clubshop Members when this lesson is written.

So, 10 COOP Shares x 2 = 20 Free Clubshop Members automatically added to their (and yours) Global Market by each VIP who is part of your Market!

Smart TIP: as a Free Clubshop Member, you too can order Cooperative Advertising Shares if you want a very easy life while expanding your Global Market ?

So now, based on the above explanation, you’re able to understand the table below and see with your eyes how easy may be to start your FREE Global Market Expansion with 120 FREE Shopper Members.

MonthYour Global Market of FREE Shopper MembersEach VIP Gets these FREE Members from COOPIncoming Monthly ShoppersYour IncomeAverage Monthly Commission:$1.00
Above, you see the text columns titles of the table shown in the image below (for easy translation purposes):


Table Explanation

In the table above, you can see how a GPS Subscriber in your team automatically receives from their first month GPS Subscription their 10 Cooperative Advertising Shares, which produce at least 20 Free Members for their and, in this example, your FREE Shopper Global Market.

As per the VIP Business Plan, a VIP has a first easy, attainable goal: select six Personally Sponsored FREE members (received from the coop or any other source) and help join their VIP Team with their personal GPS Subscription and coach them to help them succeed.

Their six new GPS subscriptions will automatically add 60 COOP Shares (120 Free Members) to their (your) team, for a total of (20 + 120) 140 FREE Members in your team.

That’s why your income projections above started from 140 Free Shopper Members.

Pretty cool, isn’t it? ?

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