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Compensation Plans
There are two separate compensation plans designed to work in synergies and boost the results of each other. You need to understand both of them to get the maximum benefit from your Clubshop FREE Membership.
Marketing Tips
Easy techniques to help the fe-Commerce Movement Expansion through your TNT Global Market Growth.
Clubshop Fair & Ethical Commerce Training Course
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Even world champions were beginners initially

Starting something new can be daunting and not always enjoyable due to initial lack of skills. However, with persistence and a winning attitude, the tide of frustration begins to turn, revealing moments of satisfaction and reward for your relentless efforts. The journey from mediocrity to greatness is laden with alternating success and setbacks. Yet, it’s the persistence through these phases that separates the highly successful from the average. The most successful individuals have often encountered numerous failures, learning invaluable lessons with each stumble. In the realm of fe-Commerce Global Market, the mantra remains the same: persevere, learn, practice, and even embrace failure, for success surely follows. Engaging actively with the simple steps provided in previous lessons ensures positive results, thereby setting you up for a win.

Embark on the Team Pilot Journey

As you delve deeper, appreciating the value you bring to others as a Free Clubshopper and the ease of registration through QR codes or landing pages, the prospect of exponential growth becomes tangible through the JumpStart option. It’s exhilarating to envision the attainable Team Pilot status, symbolizing the first major milestone in your fe-Commerce journey. Imagine yourself as a Team Pilot, overseeing 36 FREE fe-Clubshoppers spread across six vertical lines. Remember, this collaborative endeavor is fueled by the collective efforts of upline and downline Clubshoppers alike, all contributing to the expansion of your Global Market.

Becoming a Team Pilot should be the initial goal for all active Clubshoppers. It’s a realistic and readily achievable target. Without a doubt, every Clubshopper has the potential to reach this milestone—no excuses. Consider it your gateway to wealth.

Let’s reiterate: is the Team Pilot task difficult? If you have set a clear goal of earning $10K monthly and are confident in achieving it, does the level of difficulty truly matter? You’ll simply do what is necessary, particularly when you consider that all alternative routes to the same result are even more challenging.

Teamwork: The Catalyst for Dreamwork

Actively contributing to market growth accelerates expansion. Tools available to bolster your personal contribution include:

  • COOP Advertising Shares: order more shares to receive Personally Sponsored Clubshoppers, enhancing your vertical lines.
  • QR Code: Incorporate QR codes into customizable items for effortless offline Clubshopper recruitment.
  • Share the Mobile App: Encourage others to download the Clubshop Mobile Apps, available for both Android and iOS. Simply open your Clubshop App, select the “People Helping People” banner, and share the App link along with your referral ID#. Give it a try – it’s seamless and easy!
  • Shop & Build Program: you’ll accumulate Shop&Build credits every time you shop at thousands of Clubshop Mall’s stores.

Remember, any Clubshopper you get, regardless of the source, might opt for the JumpStart Option. Once they grasp its significance, this choice can rapidly accelerate both your and their Global Market growth. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to understand and confidently explain the JumpStart Option to them.

Persistence and Determination: The Ultimate Duo

If notions of difficulty, complication, or time constraints are hindering your progress, refocus on your ultimate goal. With fe-Commerce Global Market, the possibility of generating a substantial passive income becomes a reality through consistent and passionate determination. Should you be content with your current financial trajectory and quality of life, this journey might not resonate with you, and that’s perfectly fine. However, if there’s a flicker of desire for change, acknowledge and act upon it.

Your Life, Your Choice

Are you privy to a legitimate, effortless, and affordable alternative that guarantees success? The likely answer is no. Life is fleeting, and waiting idly for good fortune is futile. If improvement and success beckon you, now is the time to leap into action, embracing the opportunities and tools available through fe-Commerce Global Market.

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