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Compensation Plans
There are two separate compensation plans designed to work in synergies and boost the results of each other. You need to understand both of them to get the maximum benefit from your Clubshop FREE Membership.
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Easy techniques to help the fe-Commerce Movement Expansion through your TNT Global Market Growth.
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The Visual VIP Business Plan

In this lesson, you’ll find links to the visual VIP Business Plans available in various languages, along with other resources to help you thoroughly comprehend every aspect of the compensation plan.

A comprehensive grasp of all the nuances within Clubshop’s fe-Commerce Business Plan is essential for your success. Remember, repetition is the mother of learning. A single glance at the VIP business plan won’t suffice to truly integrate this business into your mindset. You must learn and understand each aspect, aiming to become an expert. The more you delve into it, the deeper your affection grows. This heightened understanding leads to increased excitement, passion, and joy.

Always keep in mind that your ultimate results stem from your predominant positive state of mind and the sum of positive attributes and qualities.

Take a moment to reflect: how many of these twenty attributes, inherent in all highly successful people, do you recognize in yourself?

  1. Winners: Individuals with a strong determination to succeed and a winning mindset.
  2. Loyal: Committed and dedicated team players who value loyalty and collaboration.
  3. Tenacious: Resilient and persistent, never giving up in the face of challenges.
  4. Positive: Optimistic individuals who radiate positivity and inspire those around them.
  5. Enthusiastic: Eager and excited to take on new challenges and opportunities.
  6. Passionate: Driven by a deep passion for making a difference and achieving excellence.
  7. Joyful: Spreading joy and maintaining a sense of happiness even amidst hard work.
  8. Proactive: Taking initiative and actively seeking out ways to contribute and innovate.
  9. Adaptable: Able to embrace change and adjust to new circumstances fluidly.
  10. Resourceful: Creative problem solvers who find innovative solutions to obstacles.
  11. Empathetic: Understanding and empathetic towards team members and their perspectives.
  12. Dedicated: Committed to the long-term goals and mission of Clubshop’s fe-Commerce.
  13. Goal-Oriented: Focused on achieving set objectives and driving results.
  14. Collaborative: Thrives in a team environment and values collaborative efforts.
  15. Responsible: Takes ownership of tasks and responsibilities to ensure success.
  16. Initiative-Driven: Always ready to take the lead and contribute fresh ideas.
  17. Inspiring: Motivates others through their actions, attitude, and achievements.
  18. Adventurous: Open to exploring new avenues and embracing the excitement of growth.
  19. Innovative: Seeks innovative ways to improve processes and approaches.
  20. Committed to Learning: Constantly seeks personal and professional growth.

If these attributes resonate with you, the Clubshop GPS is the vehicle that can carry you toward any financial goal you conceive. Ponder each attribute, meditate on them, and be honest with yourself.

If some attributes don’t resonate with you at the moment, recognize that acknowledging this is a step towards personal growth and becoming a more promising candidate for success.




At any moment, if you wish to speed up the development of your Clubshop fe-Commerce Global Market and contribute actively to the Clubshop’s Fair & Ethical Commerce project, you can subscribe to the Clubshop Global Partner System (GPS); the exclusive Marketing a CRM Platform, complete with all the tools, strategy, training, support you need to build and manage with an optimized effort a thriving online business. The GPS Subscription qualifies you as a Vested Income Partner (VIP).

IMPORTANT: GPS is not for everyone. It’s an advanced marketing and CRM platform that you should subscribe to only if you are genuinely committed to actively contributing to the development of the fe-Commerce FREE Global Market.

– GPS Monthly Residual Income.

As a VIP, in addition to the commissions earned from your member’s purchases, you can earn a residual income (all figures shown herein are in US Dollars) by personally selling at least one Global Partner Subscription with Annual Resale License (GPS:  $50 monthly fee + $100 Annual Resale License). As a VIP, you will begin to receive a monthly commission equal to no less than $25.00 for each GPS VIP subscription you sell.  The more GPS subscriptions you sell, the greater your Clubshop monthly residual income will be! 

NOTE: GPS Subscription sold without the Annual Resale license will not be part of the VIP Business plan as they will generate TNT Commissions in the fe-Commerce Global Market.

GPS with Annual Resale License VIP Personally Sold

(subscriptions sold)

1 to infinite
Minimum Income$25.00 each

– GPS Leadership Income.

As your personally sponsored VIPs also sell GPS subscriptions, you can earn override commissions from the fees paid by this “Personal Group” (PG) of VIPs. Here are the qualifications that need to be met for you to receive override commissions:

  • TQ (Team Qualifier) – This is the number of VIPs in our one downline network under you.
  • PQ (Personal Qualifier) – This is determined by the number and types of VIPs you have personally sponsored.
  • GQ (Group Qualifier) – This is the number of VIPs in your personal group. These are the VIPs that you have personally sponsored and all the VIPs that they have sponsored on the downline. 

Go to your GPS Dashboard to view your Qualifiers (TQ, PQ, GQ). IMPORTANT: To calculate your entitlement to Leadership Income, compare your Residual Income entitlement ($25.00 for each personally sponsored VIP) to the Monthly Leadership Income you may qualify for by referring to the table below. 

You will receive whichever amount is higher! I.E., If you have 10 personally sponsored VIPs, your minimum Residual Income is $250 (10 X $25). However, if you have qualified as a Bronze Manager, your income would be $300 rather than $250 

TitleTQPQGQMonthly Leadership Income 
*Team Player02 VIPs2$50
Team Leader5003 VIPs4$80
Team Captain10006 VIPs8$160
Bronze Manager20001 Team Captain**15$300
Silver Manager25002 Team Captains**25$500
Gold Manager30003 Team Captains**50$1 000
Ruby Director40002 Team Captains  and 1 Manager**75$1 500
Emerald Director45001 Team Captain  and 2 Managers**100$2 000
Diamond Director50003 Managers**150$3 000

*Upon becoming a Team Player, your monthly fee will be deducted from your commissions.

** If one or more of your personal Team Captains or higher have reached the title of Executive Director, their GQ will not be included as part of your GQ, and your GQ requirement will be 1/2 of the GQs shown above.

NOTE: To be promoted to (or paid for) a level, the qualifications must be met for the previous level(s). 

TERMINATION FOR NO PAY: The GPS renewal fee must be paid on the 1st of each month. It must be paid with automatic renewal through a commission deduction once the VIP earnings are at least $25. If the GPS renewal fee is not automatically deducted from the Leadership Income, it must be paid manually or through an automatic subscription on the 1st day of each month and never later than the last day of the due month.

GRACE PERIOD: If a GPS monthly renewal is not paid on time, we keep the VIP’s position in the genealogy intact and the GPS access available until the last day of the no paid month then the position is automatically deleted and the access to the GPS turned off. Consequently, all the VIP rights and qualifiers are forfeited, and it does not produce any TQ, PQ, or GQ.

Next Stop – President’s Club

Upon becoming a Diamond Director and having one of your personally sponsored VIPs become a Director, you are then qualified to become an Executive Director and a member of our President’s Club.  As a President’s Club member, your Passive Income can continue to grow and grow with no limit on how much you can make.

TITLETQPQ*GQ**Monthly Residual Income 
1 Star6,0001 Director 200$4 000
2 Stars7,0002 Directors300$5 000
3 Stars8,0003 Directors 400$6,000
4 Stars9,0004 Directors500$8,000
5 Stars10,0005 Directors600$10,000
Each Additional Star1,000 More1 more Director100 More$2,000 Additional

*An Executive Director will receive PQ credit for any downline (not personally sponsored) Executive Director, assuming there are no other Executive Directors between them. Therefore, the first Executive Director downline under an Executive Director will count as if personally sponsored, and any VIPs between the Executive Directors will count towards the upline Executive Director’s GQ. 

EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS SIDE VOLUME: **As an Executive Director, if you have one or more personally sponsored Executive Directors, their GQ will not be included in your GQ, and the GQ qualifications above will not apply. Instead, your GQ will be based on how many you have in your GQ apart from any downline Executive Director’s GQs. I.E., If you have a total GQ of 300, of which 200 of it belongs to an Executive Director either sponsored by you or in your downline, then your GQ will be 100 (300 less 200 = 100). 

Regardless of how many Stars you have earned, once you have at least one Executive Director sponsored, the GQ you will need to qualify for any level you have achieved will be based on the GQs shown in the table below. 

Executive Directors SponsoredGQ
6 or more0

Note: No further GQ applies after having six or more personally sponsored Executive Directors. If an Executive Director does not meet the PQ as shown above, they will be paid at the rate for the previous level.

$100 BONUS To award the achievement of an Executive Director having a personally sponsored Executive Director, a $100 monthly bonus will be paid to the sponsoring Executive Director for each personally sponsored Executive Director.

President’s Club Travels


Upon qualifying for three consecutive months as an Executive Director, you will be entitled to a three day/2 night all-expense paid trip from any continental (your continent) city to a vacation resort you can choose among the alternative options Clubshop offers. Upon qualifying for at least six consecutive months in a calendar year (including December) as an Executive Director, you will receive an all-expense paid 4 day/3 night cruise or resort trip (from any continental your continent. city) with fellow President Club Members. 


Active Sponsor Requirement

To receive Leadership Income from your Personal Group, one has to be an Active Sponsor, defined as: “Sponsoring at least one new VIP within a three consecutive month period.” 

If within a three consecutive month period, a VIP fails to have sold at least one new GPS Subscription (with such GPS being current in paying their fees), they will receive a monthly Residual Income of $25.00 for each personally sponsored VIP.

Upon selling a new GPS subscription in any month after that, they will automatically requalify to begin again receiving leadership from their Personal Group.  

Note: This requirement does not apply to VIPs qualified as Executive Director (President’s Club Member) in a given month.

  • Questions about the Compensation Plan? Go: To Compensation Plan FAQ Page
  • If your questions are not answered on the FAQ page, please write us at [email protected]

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