Online Shopping: How To Earn Cashback And Find Coupons and Special Offers

Optimizing Your Buying Power with fe-Commerce

Objective: This lesson aims to empower you, a dedicated Clubshopper and fe-Commerce enthusiast, to maximize your buying power and benefits by supporting fe-Companies aligned with our innovative concept.

1. Understand the fe-Commerce Goal: fe-Commerce is primarily designed to augment your purchasing power. This is achieved through steadfast support for fe-Companies that embrace our pioneering concept.

2. The Importance of Your Role: As a Clubshopper:

  • Prioritize your Clubshop Mall for all purchases, offering a plethora of online (and soon, offline) companies.
  • Enjoy cashback, exclusive coupons, and special offers on a vast range of products and services.
  • Earn from the purchases made by fellow Clubshoppers, who, like you, are saving significantly on their routine buys.

3. Mutual Benefits: Increased patronage for our affiliated companies results in enhanced incentives for the entire Clubshopper community. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement!

Step-by-Step Guide to Save Money Online:

  • Step 1: Access your Shopper Dashboard.
  • Step 2: Explore Exclusive Deals
    • Navigate to the best active and upcoming offers at Clubshop Mall via the Coupons and Special Offer search engine on your dashboard.
    • Engage with the Clubshop Mall Entrance image.
  • Step 3: Efficiently Locate & Purchase
    • Visit the Clubshop Mall.
    • Or swiftly locate the shop, products, or categories needed by selecting the “Shop List” icon on the Clubshop Mall page’s right side.
    • Make desired purchases from the selected shops.
  • Step 4: Tracking & Cashback
    • Your purchases are tracked automatically.
    • Cashback is credited upon transaction confirmation by the affiliated merchant, typically within days, sometimes on the purchase day.
    • For cashback not reflected as pending or payable after 2-3 weeks, complete the Missing Order Form available on the Support Page.

Note: Instant 10% cashback is available exclusively at the Clubshop Outlet, visible immediately post-purchase. You find the Clubshop Outlet in the Mall’s first floor, first shop on the left. Or Directly here.

Lesson Summary: Through fe-Commerce, not only do you enhance your buying power, but you also contribute to a cycle of mutual benefits for all Clubshoppers and affiliated fe-Companies. Engage diligently with your Clubshop Mall to discover and leverage the myriad of deals and cashback offers available to you. Happy saving!