Mastering fe-Commerce Marketing: The 60-Second Pitch

The mantra is straightforward: Keep It Simple!

The fe-Commerce Uber Conversation. A 60-second pitch

Here’s an anecdote to illustrate:

The Uber Conversation

On a routine morning, my Uber driver spontaneously popped the quintessential ice-breaker: “What do you do for a living?” This universal question set the stage for an intriguing dialogue.

Here’s a snapshot of our exchange:

  • Me: I’m a fan of this app that lets me earn money whenever people shop at thousands of stores globally.
  • Driver: Seriously? Which app is that?
  • Me: It’s Clubshop fe-Commerce. At the next stop, I can share a QR code with you, so you can sign up for free as well.
  • Driver: Interesting. How does it work?
  • Me: It’s simple: First, you sign up for free. Then, you’ll notice a ‘jumpstart’ option. Just click it and make a purchase of at least $30 within 48 hours. This grants you the right to earn from other people’s shopping. Plus, activating jumpstart brings 12 shoppers to you. They, too, can opt for Jumpstart, significantly expanding your customer base.
  • Driver: That sounds fantastic.
  • Me: Absolutely! Here’s the QR code for you.

End of Conversation

Notice that I didn’t dive immediately into app details. Engaging their curiosity first is key. Lack of inquiry may signal that the individual may not have the proactive, open-minded qualities valued in my team.

We encounter individuals daily, many keen on saving or needing to earn but unaware of available opportunities. Introducing them to fe-Commerce can be a revelation, making you a beacon of opportunity. Why not embrace the role of a guiding light?

Engaging genuinely with people’s lives and stories encourages them to do the same, providing a perfect segue into your 60-second fe-Commerce pitch.

After some small talk upon meeting someone, simply inquire, “What do you do for a living?” Give it a try—it works wonders! Once they’ve answered they certainly ask you the same question.

The Pitch

Simplicity is imperative. An elaborate presentation, while comprehensive, might inadvertently project the notion, “This works for them due to their sales acumen, not necessarily for me.”

When faced with detailed inquiries, gently steer them towards the app, underscoring its intuitive, user-friendly interface. A quick scan of your QR code for registration, and they’re all set to navigate through fe-Commerce, experiencing firsthand its seamless simplicity and efficiency.

Closing Thought

In every interaction, adhere to the mantra: Keep It Simple. Your 60-second pitch is a golden opportunity; wield it wisely.

Seize Every Chance to Gift Others

The 60-second pitch can happen in various casual or networking settings. Below are ten examples of occasions (we can’t list here all the other millions chance you have) where you might find an opportunity to deliver your pitch:

  • At a Coffee Shop: While waiting for your order or sitting at a communal table, you might strike up a conversation with a fellow customer or the barista.
  • During a Flight: Engaging with a seatmate on an airplane provides a captive audience for your pitch.
  • In a Waiting Room: Whether at a doctor’s office or car service center, waiting rooms bring together individuals with time to spare.
  • Networking Events: These gatherings are designed for professionals to connect and share ideas or opportunities.
  • Social Gatherings & Parties: Casual conversations at social events can easily transition into discussions about work and opportunities.
  • Fitness Centers/Gyms: While waiting for a class to start or during a workout break, you might engage with fellow fitness enthusiasts.
  • Public Transportation: While riding a bus, train, or subway, you may strike up a conversation with a fellow commuter.
  • Community or Volunteer Events: Bonding over shared interests or causes can open doors to discussions about professional opportunities.
  • Bookstores/Library: Engaging with someone browsing a section related to business, self-help, or finance can be a good starting point.
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings or School Events: Interacting with other parents or teachers during school functions provides a chance for networking.

Remember, the key to a successful pitch in any setting is to keep it natural, relevant, and unintrusive. Gauge the other person’s interest and receptivity before delving into your pitch.


For people who love to talk, starting conversations is easy. For others, it might be hard. But don’t worry! A smile and a simple question can help anyone start a chat. You might even make new friends! You don’t have to talk about fe-Commerce right away. After some friendly chit-chat, if it feels right, you can ask, “What do you do for a living?” If the conversation goes well, you might find a chance to talk about fe-Commerce naturally. Just take it easy and enjoy the talk!

Below are ten ice-breakers examples you can use in different settings to initiate conversation. Of course you can adapt them with your own words and natural tone or replace them with whatever makes you feel good and spontaneous:

  • At a Coffee Shop: “Have you tried the [insert a specific drink or pastry]? I’m thinking of getting one.”
  • During a Flight: “Is this your first time flying to [destination]? Any recommendations for a first-timer?”
  • In a Waiting Room: “I always bring a book to pass the time, but I forgot today. What are you reading/watching?”
  • Networking Events: “I’m always curious to know – what drew you to this event? Looking for anything specific?”
  • Social Gatherings & Parties: “How do you know the host? I met them through [share your connection].”
  • Fitness Centers/Gyms: “I’m looking to change up my workout routine. Have you taken any good classes here?”
  • Public Transportation: “Long day ahead? Or are you just winding down from one?”
  • Community or Volunteer Events: “This cause is important to me because [share a brief reason]. What brings you here today?”
  • Bookstores/Library: “Finding anything good? I’m always looking for book recommendations.”
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings or School Events: “How has your experience with the school been? My child just started here.”

Each ice-breaker is designed to start a casual conversation, during which you may find a natural opportunity to transition into your 60-second pitch, if appropriate.

Always be attentive to cues from the other person, ensuring they are open and comfortable continuing the conversation.