Raising funds to support a non-profit organization or charitable organization can be difficult and time consuming. ClubShop makes it easy for a non-profit organization to raise funds quickly and on an ongoing basis. Here are 2 fundraisers your non-profit organization can do to raise money.

1. Free Fundraiser

Place a ClubShop banner ad on your website and get people to become a Free ClubShop Member. For the lifetime of their membership, when a member you refer makes a purchase in our ClubShop Online Mall, your non-profit organization will earn a charitable donation from us. Members also earn Cash Back on all their ClubShop purchases. If your member gets a ClubShop Rewards Card and makes a purchase with a participating offline ClubShop Rewards Merchant, your non-profit organization will earn a charitable donation from us!

The charitable donation you earn from your member's purchases will vary, but will average around 2% and can be as high as 6% of the purchase.

If the average purchases in a month by a Member you referred totaled $100, approximately $2 would be donated to your organization as a charitable donation. Here's an example of how much the donations can be:

500 Members referred X $2 each = $1,000 per month or $12,000 per year

2. Card Fundraiser

Purchase ClubShop Rewards Cards at a discounted price and sell these cards at a higher value. Also, when someone makes a purchase at one of our offline ClubShop Rewards Merchants or in our ClubShop Online Mall, your non-profit organization will earn a charitable donation from us and the cardholder will earn Cash Back.

It's a win-win situation! We are the only fundraiser where you can earn a charitable donation from online and offline purchases at ClubShop merchants worldwide! Not only will your non-profit organization raise funds with our program, but you are also helping people save money when they shop online and offline.

This is the quickest way to raise money for your non-profit organization! How many cards you purchase and the amount you sell the cards for will determine how much you can make. Here's an example of how much you could make if you purchased 5,000 Cards at $1.60 per card ($8,000 Cost).

5,000 Cards X $10 = $50,000 Sales minus $8,000 Cost = $42,000 Profit per card fundraiser

Not only could you raise money selling our card, you also earn a charitable donation on all your member's ClubShop purchases.

All your organization has to do is get the word out! Help people to earn Cash Back on their purchases and have a percentage of their ClubShop purchases donated to your organization.

Become a Free ClubShop Affinity Group today!