Customer Loyalty

What We Offer

CLUBSHOP is an online shopping mall that enables you to shop online at big-name stores, and off-line at local businesses all the while getting cash back on all your personal purchases! We also offer you the opportunity to become an affiliate and earn commissions on the purchases made by anyone you refer to shop with us. When you partner with us this way, the benefits are endless!

As a member or affiliate, you or your organization can also decide to upgrade your membership status by purchasing one of our GPS (Global Partner System) monthly subscriptions and become partners. This gives you the opportunity of taking advantage of our business infrastructure which allows you to build a global organization of partners, affiliates and shoppers. This way, you will earn override commissions on the purchases of your entire network and earn more!

Here's the good news; signing up to join us at CLUBSHOP is totally free!

After you sign up, you get to choose from the three amazing opportunities that we have on offer. You can decide if you or your organization want(s) to be a shopper, affiliate, partner or affinity group.

Here's how it works:


As a shopper, you will earn cash back (we call it Tangicoin) that you can redeem via your PayPal account or in any other way, on whatever you buy at any of the numerous of big-name online stores and local stores available to you on our platform.


For our affiliates, we take it a step further by giving you the chance to also earn direct commissions on all the purchases made by all individuals that you refer to shop with us. This is a wonderful opportunity to earn an extra income while showing your friends and family a way to shop smart and earn more.


When you partner with us at CLUBSHOP, your earning process follows a somewhat “scientific” process in which, virtually on auto-pilot, thanks to the unique GPS (Global Partner System) subscriptions, you have the ability to build an entire organization worldwide to earn a substantial monthly residual income based on every-day purchases made by people worldwide. All this can be done in your comfort zone anywhere in the world!


Do you run a local business? You can sign up as merchant affiliate to distribute our CLUBSHOP reward cards and offer cash back or direct discount to all your clients and our own local members, affiliates and partners. Your business can also earn commissions on every purchase made by the cardholders you distribute the cards to.


Online stores that do business with CLUBSHOP benefit from exposition to our large membership base (over 6 million and growing) which creates a ready market without hassle.

Do you know that when your online store features on CLUBSHOP, you have the option of selecting the commission your business will prefer to pay us for the purchases made by our members? The higher the commission you pay, the lower the monthly fee your business pays to be included in our shopping mall.


Nonprofit organizations can sign up as Affinity Groups. We will help your project create funding by showing you how to distribute our CLUBSHOP reward cards and earn donations on every purchase made by your supporters and donors.

Select any one of these wonderful opportunities today to boost your income!