Your Profit-Sharing Projection tool

“There is no favourable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go.”

- Seneca

Profit-Sharing Projection Tool

Average Monthly Commission:


What is it?

As explained in this recent webinar, once we all together achieve specific goals and complete some of the Clubshop business plan phases, the GPS Compensation Plan will switch to a profit-sharing model.

Every Partner will be entitled to a variable number of  Monthly Profit Shares. This entitlement depends on their loyalty to Clubshop, their persistence, and, especially for those who want to be more actively involved, on the effort every existing Partner gave to the effective development of the Clubshop business until the present moment.

So, your income will not be based on your multiple generations (or levels) anymore. We’ll base it on the entire company’s Global Fund.

United, everyone wins!

This Profit-Sharing Projection Tool allows you to make projections of what your monthly income could be once the first Clubshop goal is attained, based on your real today’s parameter (the blue indicators on your dashboard).

This tool also allows you to play with these parameters to make different projections that show how much you would earn improving each one of them. Consider each parameter as a lever you can use to achieve your goals.

The Next Clubshop's Shared Goal.

The Next Clubshop's Shared Goal.

The first goal considered here that we as Clubshop Partners are going to achieve is:

  • 10,000 Premier Partners, 10 Million total members, $1 average monthly commission per member.

It’s important to understand that this is the common goal that we’re all determined to achieve as Partners.

It must be the result of our joint effort: Company & Partners cooperating all along the way.

One for all and all for one!

"Our success is the outcome of a team built on positive minds, devoted to achieving exciting goals, through intelligent work with persistence and loyalty."

This Tool Answers Your Questions:

If the profit-sharing model was already released, considering my current parameters, how much would I earn this month if Clubshop's had already attained its next goal? And, how could I increase that income?

Preserving the ethical aspect of our business has always been a priority at Clubshop.

Rewarding all our Partners based on their loyalty, effort, and persistence complies 100% with this essential GPS’ aspect.

Loyalty, effort, and persistence can only be the outcome of the great and genuine passion, enthusiasm, and love that you feel about your Clubshop business for sharing our noble missions.

So, with the GPS profit-sharing algorithm, we can say every Partner is increasingly rewarded based on the only thing that matters: if they truly love or not the Clubshop’s mission. Even if you are the last arrived in the Partner’s Team!

What's Its Meaning?

This tool can be of vital importance for you and the entire Clubshop business. Why?

Because we, as a community of goodwill people, need to move on as a whole. We need to understand that we’re all headed to attaining a joint noble mission, which passes through the achievement of specific progressive goals.

And, as a Partner, you help achieve them either if you’re actively involved or not. If you are, you have more control over your income.

In a few words, it means that the higher your rank, the higher the contribution you’re giving to the community.

Hence, you deserve a higher number of shares of the same global funds that you contributed so much to create.

You can increase different parameters depending on your situation, ambitions, needs, etc.

For example: are you not very active as a Partner?

Then you’ll tend to increase more the TAG Credit parameter. Why? Because it means you’re relying more on the automatic aspect of your GPS by ordering more COOP Shares or having a higher GPS, for example. Or you often make purchases at your Clubshop Mall. All these actions increase your TAG Credit because you’re sustaining the Clubshop Community by doing them.

Or, are you a very active Partner? Then you’ll tend to increase other parameters, like the Team Pilot % and Average TP%.

Once we are all aware of how vital each Partner is on this world-changing path, we’ll be able to go much beyond any goal we’re currently able to conceive.

You need to understand two things:

  1. There are no limits on how big your slice of the pie can be.
  2. There are no limits to the pie’s expansion.

How Does It Work?

First of all, please bear in mind that this is a projection tool offered to help you improve your parameter starting from now to maximize your profit shares once this compensation model is launched.

It’s not a promise of earnings. It’s an estimation based on our joint goal and your current indicators!

It varies at every moment because it’s always related to the total number of shares distributed to all other partners depending on their parameters, as better explained below.

The current estimate is based on the current parameters of all existing partners and on the corresponding proportion of the 10-Million dollar global fund goal to share.

You could play moving your parameters like levers to understand how your income would change accordingly.

How To Read The Profit Sharing Projection Tool: Your Income Levers

  • Rank

    Your rank company-wide is updated in real-time based on the column "Profit Shares. The more Profit Shares you have, the higher your rank.

  • TAG Credit

    This is based on the total Payable Tangicoin you got since the beginning from GPS, COOP, and Mall purchases. It keeps increasing with the new Tangicoin you'll get. But, if you interrupt your GPS for any reason, you lose this TAG credit which will go back to 1, and, in case, you'll need to start from scratch.

  • Theoretical Income Title

    This parameter is based on the total number of existing Members in your generations that arrived from GPS and additional COOP Shares, multiplied by the monthly average commission goal. This result, combined with your community contribution, determines your Theoretical Income Title.

  • Team Pilot %

    This parameter shows the same percentage you see in your Team Pilot indicator on your dashboard.

  • Team Duplication %

    This parameter shows the same percentage you see in the Average Team Pilot indicator on your dashboard.

  • GPS Average

    this parameter shows the same number you see in your Team's GPS average indicator on your dashboard. It's the average GPS monthly fee paid for all the existing GPS in your Clubshop organization.

  • Profit Shares

    This is the result of the combination of all your parameters. The better your parameters, the higher the number of Profit Shares you get.

  • Your Monthly Income

    This is a prediction of what your earnings for this month would be, considering your current parameters, if the profit-sharing model was already released and Clubshop had already attained its next goal.

    This result changes at every moment because it's based on the total monthly fund, divided by the total number of global shares multiplied by the number of profit shares held by each Partner.

    Once the profit-share model is active, the earnings you see at midnight on the last day of the month is the actual income you'll receive for that month.

  • Average Commission

    By default, it's based on the next Clubshop's goal of $1.00 per month per member Company-wide.

    You can play with this lever to understand how your monthly income changes by slightly increasing or decreasing by just a few cents this input.

  • Local Influencer

    As a Partner, if you want, you can add Local Shops to the Clubshop Mall.

    Once they've started to generate sales and paid the corresponding commissions, they are active.

    The more active shops you added, the higher this parameter.

    If they become insolvent or don't generate sales for more than three months, they don't count for this parameter's sake.

Why are these levers so essential, and how to improve them?

The variables depending directly on you and that you should work to improve are:

TAG Credit 

  • What tells: it’s the barometer of your persistence and loyalty. It describes precisely how much you contributed throughout the time to the Clubshop community’s growth. 
  • Why it’s so important: As you get it only through GPS renewals, COOP shares orders, and Cashback from your Clubshop purchases, it shows your positive contribution to the global Advertising Campaigns that brought so many people to know about Clubshop Worldwide. It also shows that you are the first customer of your Clubshop mall, leading by example.
  • How to improve it: Higher GPS types come with more COOP shares every month. Consequently, the higher your GPS, or the more you renew it month after month without interruption, the more you keep contributing to Clubshop’s growth, the more profit shares you deserve. The same happens with all your additional COOP Shares orders. Last but not least, the more you use the Clubshop Mall for your everyday purchases, the more TAG Credit you get. So, not only you earn Cashback. You also increase the number of your profit shares. You win twice.

Theoretical Income Title

  • What tells: It tells how big your current Clubshop’s Market is thanks to all your previous teamwork, up to date, and if you’re ethically contributing to your team’s health with the correct GPS they need from you as per the Community Contribution concept.
  • Why it’s so important: Every Partner’s role is to build and manage their Clubshop Mall’s market through the wise use of their GPS. As the GPS available is the same for everybody, a higher Income Title means you and your team used it persistently in a more intelligent way than others. Consequently, you deserve more profit shares.
  • How to improve it: teamwork is essential to improve this parameter. So, the more you focus on increasing the three following parameters, the more you’ll increase this one as the natural consequence.

Team Pilot %

  • What tells: it tells if you’ve already done your part or you’re on your way to achieving the initial goal every Clubshop Partner has. i.e., to get qualified as a Team Pilot. A high parameter here also shows that you’ve been able to overcome the most challenging phase of your business, the initial one when the majority of quitters give up ingloriously and get back to where they started.
  • Why it’s so important: in this business, you can be highly successful mainly by leading by example; you can’t expect your teammates do things you haven’t done before them. And, even more critical, while you’re working to achieve this first essential result, you’re earning the skills, experience, and authority you need to lead your team successfully. 
  • How to improve it: make sure you know how the TNT Strategy works and act accordingly. A good stream of new personal members from GPS, COOP, or your marketing effort is essential, especially once you start building your second and following vertical lines. Good communication with your upline and downline teammates can speed up the process for all of you.

Team Duplication %

  • What tells: it shows how your teammates have followed your good example by duplicating it on their way to Team Pilot.
  • Why it’s so important: a healthy team needs multiple good leaders to lead by example. And everything starts with you. Each one of them is a real engine that boosts the development of the entire Clubshop business.
  •  How to improve it: A friendly and positive relationship with your downline and upline partners is essential to building the strong team spirit everybody needs. Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!

GPS Average %

  • What tells: it shows how your team of Partners is committed to achieving the Clubshop’s mission and how your example is duplicating through your generations.
  • Why it’s so important: if you ask yourself which is the best GPS type available, you certainly answer with no doubt, the Premier Plus is! It’s logical because you know that an entire team of Partners with Premier Plus would contribute much more to the overall team development than a team with only GPS Basic, of course. But as in every other aspect of life, not everybody can see or can afford the best. At least initially. Well, your role as a Partner is also this one. To lead your team to move gradually, month after month, towards the best. Again, this will happen if you lead by example.
  •  How to improve it: generally speaking, everybody would like to afford the best options available. Be at the service of your teammates, communicate with them, help them learn, grow and increase their income, and, as per the community contribution concept, all of them will become happy owners of a GPS Premier Plus for the years to come.

Local Influencer (Coming soon)

  • What tells: it shows if you’re active in helping local businesses and members to take advantage of the Clubshop business model.
  • Why it’s so important: Active shops are the lifeblood of the whole Clubshop Business. An excellent offer of local shops enables countless people to earn Cashback and revitalizes the local retail sector, often damaged by the growing e-commerce piece of the pie. The more you want to contribute to this essential aspect, the more profit shares you deserve.
  • How to improve it: if you’d like to take care of this aspect, make sure the offline businesses of all kinds in the areas you want to operate are informed about the benefits of being a Clubshop Mall-affiliated business and help them to register for free.

Why the Profit Sharing Model?

“To create extraordinary lives for ordinary people.”The Loyalty Concept.

we want to reward your loyalty and persistence. Why? Because nobody can build a project of this magnitude in a couple of months.

You need to have clear that we are going to enable millions of ordinary people worldwide to interact and get ongoing benefits from the massive consumption of everyday products and services of all kinds sold worldwide.

Since we relaunched Clubshop, our dream is our mission: “To create extraordinary lives for ordinary people.”

It means that even if you don’t have time to devote to a business, because you already have a primary job and a family to take care of, we want you to find your space inside the Clubshop project and get the rewards you wish to live a better life.

This new profit-sharing model goes precisely in this direction.

Can you imagine yourself earning a monthly percentage on millions of meals, shoes, groceries, clothes, home & garden products, travels, haircuts, and whatever you can imagine people can buy while earning Cashback?

You would love that. Well, then be excited because that is what we’re going to do together. But you need to trust us and support the project all along the way. We can make it happen only by helping each other confidently.

That’s why your loyalty is recognized and highly rewarded in our profit-sharing algorithm through the profit-sharing “TAG Credit” parameter” which can make a huge difference in your future monthly income, as you can see in the projection tool here.

For the same reason, on the other hand, lack of loyalty and trust is highly penalized by zeroing out all your profit-sharing TAG Credit parameter, should you interrupt your GPS Subscription and restart it again at a later time.

The same faith, passion, goals, and mission unite us.

We know that to achieve such noble and ambitious goals, all our Partners and we need to row together in the same direction.

We can do that only if every Partner is perfectly aware of their essential role in every little step that puts the Clubshop community closer to our progressive victories.

It’s a joint effort, and everyone deserves their rewards based on their faith, passion, and persistence.

At the moment, the Clubshop Community is going towards the next joint goal: 10 Million Members, 10,000 of whom are Partners.

Your profit share parameters keep you updated about how you’re doing compared to all other Clubshop Partners. 

You can improve them at every moment based on the kind of reward you would like to earn as per the exciting projections you can formulate with this tool.

A Legitimate, Ethical, And Transparent Business.

A solid, long-lasting business must be based on income coming from real value brought to the end consumers.

That is the real aim of the Clubshop Mall and the entire marketing system we built around it.

With this new and unique global profit-sharing model, Clubshop leaves behind even the last similitude to MLM that some detractors could still see in our business plan.

With the new model, your Clubshop Partner’s Income does not come from your organization’s levels or generations at all. It depends on how the entire company’s Partner team performs worldwide and on your rank as a Global Partner.

The more you enjoy the journey towards your financial freedom, the faster you’ll achieve it!

Enjoy The Journey!

Sometimes we read or hear things without really perceiving their meaning. For example, every day, you see countless times your business’ name: “Clubshop,” which is composed of the words Club and Shop. Did you ever think about their meaning?

It means we are a Club, an association of people united by the same interest, if not a real passion. What’s this passion?

The second word says it all: Shop! It means Shopping, Shops, Cashback, Loyalty, Sales, Special Offers, Coupons, Earnings, Commissions, and whatever is related to the retail world.

So, while you’re on your way towards your financial freedom, be happy, excited, get involved in whatever is related to our joint interest and passion.

Please get to know your Clubshop Mall like your home and use it for your purchases too! You need to be your first customer! 

Be happy, grateful, and enjoy what you already have in your hands and what you can offer. That’s the best way to multiplicate it all.

"Whoever has will be given more, but whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken away from him." 

Luke 8:18