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Redeem Your Pre-TAG

Pre-Tangicoin have been initially offered as a Free Bonus of no value yet, included in various Clubshop products or as a reward for other Clubshop initiatives.

You can keep accumulating Pre-TAG as Cashback whenever you shop at hundreds of Clubshop Mall Stores.

Below you see the current Pre-Tangicoin balance that you can exchange in US Dollars, or to buy the Clubshop products listed below.

You can also transfer Tangicoin to other Clubshop Members.

How do you want to redeem your pre-tangicoin?

You have 42358 Pre-Tangicoin

The current Tangicoin Exchange Rate is:
1 TAG = $0.0015

GPS Monthly Fee

Select below the type of GPS you want to activate or renew using your Tangicoin. Your GPS will be activated/replaced instantly.

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Pre-Tangicoin Value


COOP Shares

Type below the quantity of COOP Marketing shares you want to order .

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Exchange TAG to US $

Type below the amount of Tangicoin you want to convert into USD then click the button below.

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Exchange US $ to TAG

Type below the amount of payable commissions you want to convert into TAG then click the button below.

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Transfer Tangicoin

Type in the fields below the amount of Tangicoin you want to transfer and the recipient’s Clubshop ID# then click the button to proceed.

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Wanna earn more pre-tangicoin?

shop at 100S of big-name stores!

Since 1997 millions of people from around the world have joined ClubShop Rewards to get discounts and cashback when they shop online at our ClubShop Mall, or offline when they present ClubShop Rewards Card to a participating store or business. 

ClubShop Rewards online and offline stores and businesses are available to shop at in over 70 countries and growing!

You also earn TangiCoin with all your purchases at The Clubshop Outlet, including GPS and COOP Shares!