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Clubshop. Since 1997 Loyal to Our Mission. Now it's easier, quicker, more profitable.

99% of the online business opportunities created since the ‘90s have failed after a few months or years. Clubshop, instead, stood the test of time like no one else.

Why? Because Clubshop is a legitimate, sustainable, and proven business model that brings real value to all the parties involved. YOU INCLUDED!


New Owners, Old Passion!

If you have been a Clubshop Member in the past, you certainly know Fabrizio Perotti and Giuseppe Francavilla.
For about 12 years, since 2001, they’d been successfully working as Clubshop Partners and GPS Subscribers at the Clubshop development in Italy.
In 2018 they bought the Clubshop brand from its founder. They started to reinvent the Clubshop business keeping ordinary people’s interests in mind, with only one goal: to elevate people’s life quality worldwide. Yours included!

Skyrocket Your Growth

In 2018, when Fabrizio & Giuseppe acquired the Clubshop, they started to rewrite the Clubshop business and GPS Platform from scratch to make it easier, faster, and more profitable for ordinary people worldwide.

Now we’re building a unique Metaverse around it: Tangiworld. And if you reactivate your Clubshop Partnership now, you can also be invited to be one of the first landowners and maximize your future benefits.

Digital Branding

Our Metaverse Build will create incredible synergies among ordinary people and companies, enabling everyone to build their brand identity and equity inside a new world where expansion has no limits.

Complete marketing support

GPS platform Includes all you need to build a rock-solid business around your Clusbshop Mall virtually on autopilot.

Inspiring Brands And People

Best Strategies To Grow Your Business In A Declining Economy

Get ongoing consultation and support for your business and boost your growth during times of recession with the best strategies and practices.

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