How To Start Your 155K Guaranteed Sales Advert for GPS

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Clubshop 5B January 2024 UPDATE

February 1st: IMPORTANT!!! As GTS Ad Agent, we’ll start selling again the 5B $155K Guaranteed Sales Advert at the full price on May 15th as per the latest 5B anticipation reported below.

Consequently, starting today and for a limited time, we’re offering NEW VIPs the possibility to activate their first-month GPS at $150 WITH ONE OF THESE GUARANTEED SALES ADVERTS AS A 100% FREE BONUS!!!

February 1st: ATTENTION!!! As explained in this 5B post, if you have not submited your Standard Adverts yet, either do it now or your option to upgrade under this offer will expire on February 3rd 2024 and your Standard Advert expire normally on its given date. 

January 30th: GREAT NEWS !!🚨 ATTENTION🚨‼️

  1. SELL DATA V2 Release Date April 15th
  2. GTS Ad Agents Release Date May 15th
  3. CMAI is now active on 2nd circuit and will be ready for Interactive Chats with GTS Owners on May 15th 🤩
  • Interactive Chat with CMAI are handheld AI Video Chats with user created in seconds depending on the queue 🤩
  • You Heard it Here FIRST  Please Pass it ON 👉 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Clubshop 5B May 2023 UPDATE

May 30th: Click to see the video instruction to republish your GTS.

May 26th: 5B posted this news a few days ago. Consequently, we asked the Ad Manager to confirm if you guys can now republish your Advert. He assured us you can. So we invite you all to reset and republish your Advert from scratch. We’re confident that, thanks to the new AI-based compliance procedure, this time should be the good one. We’re also happy that 5B is working hard behind the scenes to deliver what they promised and more. Those who are patient and have faith will be rewarded.

May 24th: we had a new meeting yesterday; we were told there is already a full reopening date for the 5B platform, but they have yet to reveal it. But we have been assured that the news will be fantastic! We can only continue and stay positive and have faith that things unblock quickly. But since we understand it won’t be before the end of July.

Clubshop 5B April 2023 UPDATE

April 20th: Friends, just to keep you updated quickly regarding the 5B adverts of the famous 100. According to their new approval procedure, we have republished a first advert as required.  Now it will be examined by compliance and depending on the outcome, we will tell you how to proceed.  We hope to receive an answer from them soon in the next few days.

April 11th: Friends, we all got a notification from 5B about downgrading 5B ads. We’re looking into that and seeing how to proceed. We will keep you updated. For now, do nothing; we will only occupy the chat with this topic once we know more. Thank you

Clubshop 5B March 2023 UPDATE

IMPORTANT: How To Republish Your Guaranteed Sales Advert.

5B Guaranteed adverts need to be republished as per the latest advice we got from the 5B compliance team. 

1) Find the detailed instructions below on this page:

2) Follow the easy steps explained in this video to ensure these elements are correctly set in your 5B Guaranteed Sales Advert:

  • Your GPS landing page URL
  • Keywords
  • Description in step 3.
  • Business name and Description in step 4

Video English Version above 👆

Video Versione italiana qui sotto 👇🏼


The 100 Pre-paid Guaranteed Sales Adverts that Proprofit Worldwide Ltd. gave for free to 100 Partners Clubshop can only be used to market the GPS, as explained on this page. Proprofit Worldwide Ltd. will deactivate any advert used for other scopes.

If you are one of the 100 Partners who got one of the pre-paid Guaranteed Sales Adverts, as soon as you have published the advert, please log into your Clubshop account and fill out the form you find here.

So that you know, you will need that form completed to show 5Billlion Sales that you’re entitled to earn commissions through your advert.

We’ll host meetings during the following months to brainstorm with all the adverts holders and see the best strategies to optimize the TNT strategies of everyone to help the maximum number of people in your generations.

Initial Publishing Explanatory Video

Click on Create to publish your Clubshop ad.

Step 2: Complete Choose Objective:

Will Your Advert

  1. Say Yes to “Sell a service.”
  2. Say No to the rest of the Will Your Advert questions.
  3. Click the “Continue” orange button.


  1. Click “Yes” for “Will the transaction generate you commission or profit?”
  2. Click “Online” for “Will the transaction be made online or offline?”
  3.  Click “Continue

Guaranteed Sales Success

  1.  Click “Yes” for “Get more web sales” under the section “Guaranteed Sales Success.”
  2. Click “Next.”

Build & Target Audience.

  1. Set Gender: “Both.”
  2. Age: “18-65.”
  3. Locations: “Worldwide.” 
  4. Click: “Save Audience.”
Do not click on Advanced Targeting:  Click on Next Ad Content.

Step 3: Ad Content

Please confirm $155,00K Guaranteed Sales Advert is checked.

Accelerator Setup

  1. Business Name: Clubshop Global Partner System
  2. Business Type: Business Opportunity
  3. Business Category: Marketing and Advertising
  4. Describe Your Business: Click here to create your unique business description to copy and paste into the “Describe Your Business” field.

Click on next.

Accelerator Setup - Your Webpage

First, you must go to your Clubshop dashboard at and copy your Clubshop Landing page link to paste into the “Your webpage” field. 

Once in your Clubshop dashboard, go to the GPS Tools at the top of the Dashboard. 

Next, click on – Advertising > Your Landing Pages – on the dropdown menu. 

Scroll down the page to see the “GPS Direct Sell Landing” section. Copy your link.

Your link looks like this one: (but with your unique ClubshopID prefilled). 

Get back to your 5B Accelerator Setup page:

Paste your Clubshop link in the “Your webpage” field.

Click on Next to check the URL.

Make sure the link leads to the GPS webpage with your name as the Account Manager.

Click Link is Correct.

Webpage Data

The Title and Description cannot be edited.

Click here to create your unique list of keywords to copy and paste into the “Add additional keywords” field.

Click Next.

Add Headlines and Descriptions

Enter three of these Headlines in the order of your choice:

Headline 1 (30 characters) – GPS: Your Income Builder
Headline 2 (30 characters) – Stop Worrying about Money!
Headline 3 (30 characters) – Build Your Income on Autopilot
Headline 4 (30 characters) – Online Business Made Easy!
Headline 5 (30 characters) – $$Profitable Online Business$$
Headline 6 (30 characters) – Cashback $$$-Making System
Headline 7 (30 characters) – Cashback $$$-Making Business
Headline 8 (30 characters) – #1 Online Business Opportunity

Choose two of these Descriptions to enter:

Description 1 (90 characters)

Find out how to become a Clubshop Partner and build a high monthly passive income!

Description 2 (90 characters)

Activate your GPS NOW. You could be earning a massive monthly passive income in no time.

Description 3 (90 characters)

Complete business 3D Shopping Mall – 100’s of big-name stores ready to generate sales

Description 4 (90 characters)

Now a novice can build a successful online business & create a genuine residual income!

Description 5 (90 characters)

Get your virtual shopping mall & start generating sales & income on autopilot!

Description 6 (90 characters)

Become a Clubshop Partner & Earn A Massive Monthly Passive Income from our virtual mall

Description 7 (90 characters)

Become a Clubshop Partner & take advantage of Profit Sharing from our 3D Shopping Mall

Description 8 (90 characters)

Generate sales & income on autopilot with our 3D virtual shopping mall – turnkey system

Description 9 (90 characters)

Complete done-for-you sales & income generating system with our 3D virtual shopping mall

Description 10 (90 characters)

Fast & easy profit generating business with our online shopping mall – start earning today

Click Save & Exit.
Click OK on the Success! Pop-up

Step 3: Add Images To Advert

Check on “Add images and make responsive”, and the instructions appear.

  1. Save on your device one of the small square-sized pictures that you see in the “Images 1” column below  by right clicking on the image and click “Save Picture as” on your Desktop.  Upload the picture to the site for Image 1.
  2. Copy the larger rectangular-sized picture you see in the “Images 2” column below the same way as the small picture and upload it to the site for the Image 2.

You can click “Preview” to get a view of your Advert.

Click “Save.”

Images 1

Feel free to use your favorite images.

Images 2

Feel free to use your favorite images.

Step 4: Add Guaranteed Sales

Enter the following Program Name into the first dialogue box for “If MLM, affiliate program or similar…”

Clubshop Global Partner System

Click here to create your unique product description to copy and paste into the second dialogue box for “Describe the product, service, or…”

Enter the GPS Price and Commission.

Enter the price of the GPS Pro at Price: $49.90

Enter commission for your net profit.

Commission: $24.95

  • Click on all the green boxes after reading the Guaranteed Sales Terms.
  • Click on Create Guaranteed Sales Advert.
  • Click okay once you get a Success Pop up Window.

Your Guaranteed Sales Advert is now Published.



By posting your Guaranteed Sales advert for Clubshop, you understand and agree that there are important risk factors that you should consider when deciding whether to purchase or promote any product or service.  

Your success or lack of it in using the information or strategies provided on our websites, team calls, emails, Facebook Groups, videos, etc., depends on various factors.  

We have no way of knowing how well you will do, as we do not know you, your background, work ethic, dedication, motivation, desire, or business skills or practices. 

Therefore, we do not guarantee or imply that you will succeed financially or that you will have any earnings (whether monetary or advertising credits, whether convertible to cash or not) at all.

 Internet businesses and earnings derived therefrom involve unknown risks and are not suitable for everyone. You may not rely on any information provided by us unless you do so with the knowledge and understanding that you can experience significant losses.