How To Become A Successful Online Entrepreneur With No Risks And No Experience.

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Have you been struggling to make a living online, wasting money and time jumping from one "opportunity" to another?

Unless you’re a super expert authority in some not yet exploited niche or a ten million-follower influencer, nowadays is very difficult to build a significant monthly income online on your own. Even if you already have some internet marketing experience, you would soon find yourself fighting into an arena with a myriad of starving competitors ready to eat you alive. Do you have the education, skills, experience, and products to at least float at the same level as your competitors? Probably not.

What's The Solution?

Imagine if, without investing a massive amount of money, you could be the owner of the most fantastic international shopping mall, where people from all over the world earn cashback every time they do their everyday shopping.

They save money, and you make money.

People Helping People!

Typically to start any kind of business, you need to make a large, initial investment and ongoing investments. Instead, purchasing a GPS subscription allows you to get started right away as a Partner with nothing more than a risk-free minimal monthly fee.


GPS provides you with training, Cooperative Advertising, support, tools, and reports – everything you need to start and run a successful retail business online. And by subscribing to GPS you automatically qualify to be a Partner! As a GPS subscriber, it’s like having your own retail company, without having to take care of any department, as we do it on your behalf:

1. Start Your FREE Trial

As an affiliate you have the right to automatically start your 7-Day FREE Trial to see how the GPS works for you 24/7 to complete the heaviest tasks.

2. Activate Your GPS

As soon as you're happy with your GPS Trial, click the button you see in your Trial Partner Control Center and confirm your GPS. The sooner the better!

3. Set up your account

While your GPS starts working for you, complete your profile and fill it with the information about where you want to receive your payable commissions.

4. Become an expert

The GPS Essential Training teaches all that you need to know about your business. The better you know it, the more you can speed up your business-building process.

Choose the perfect GPS PLAN

If you’re a Trial Partner, you can start with the GPS Plan you’re currently trying or a higher one. If you’re an affiliate, you can start with the plan you prefer. Later, in both cases and according to your needs and ambitions, you can always decide to switch to a lower one, a higher one, or even cancel your subscription if, for whatever reason, you’re not happy with it.

For your peace of mind: we don’t store your payment details at all. if you’ll decide to renew your GPS monthly subscription, you’ll need to do it voluntarily from your dashboard, selecting your favorite payment option.



Per month

basic plus


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pro plus


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premier plus


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Frequently asked questions

NO! Never! For your peace of mind, we don’t store your payment details at all.

It means that if you want to renew your GPS monthly subscription, you need to do it voluntarily from your dashboard, selecting your favorite option.

As soon as your payable commissions balance is enough to pay for your GPS, you can have your monthly renewal fee automatically deducted from it.

No. There is only the guarantee that we all work together for a common purpose.

In line with our Company’s mission, we do our best to create and optimize the whole package of services. So, that the earning potential is real and the same for everyone, regardless of whether a person starts now or later.

Obviously, a person who starts his own business today will most likely start earning sooner than those who will start it later.

But nothing excludes that those who start long afterward can find themselves earning much more than those who started earlier.

Even if we can’t tell how much you’ll earn with your Clubshop business, we’re sure Clubshop is just better than any other option ordinary people have to build a legitimate online business and succeed.

It works like this: the Company runs ongoing advertising campaigns all over the world. These targeted campaigns produce thousands of new Clubshop Members every day.

Every partner, at any time, can decide to purchase additional shares of advertising campaigns managed by the company.

These shares enable you to receive a guaranteed number of affiliates for each share obtained.

Coop advertising shares are included in every GPS Pack, too. We deliver all these affiliates in real-time when they sign up at Clubshop.

Sure! As long as your Country’s laws allow you to join us, we’re happy to welcome you as a Clubshop Member and Partner.

We offer several options and we keep adding more if needed.

Currently you have the choice among:

  1. PayPal
  2. Paxum
  3. Bitcoin
  4. AdvCash
  5. PerfectMoney


Since 1997 we regularly pay our entitled Partners once a month.

Payable (not Pending) Commissions are sent to you the month after they’ve been produced, typically not later than the 21st of the month, if your Payable Commissions Balance is higher than $10 and if before the end of the month you had correctly set up your “Commissions Payment Preferences” page.


  • You have a GPS Pro with the automatic renewal activated.
  • On May 31st, your total commissions’ balance is $182, and you have correctly set up your “Commissions Payment Preferences.”
  • PERFECT! Before June 21st, we’ll send on your account (PayPal, AdvCash, Bitcoin, etc) $132.1 ($182 – $49.90 (GPS monthly Renewal fee for June) = $132.1)


GPS stands for Global Partner System. GPS is an advanced marketing platform and CRM System dedicated to market your Clubshop Mall all over the world, virtually on auto-pilot.

GPS has nothing to do with any kind of investment. Instead, it’s a business that everyone has to do according to their abilities. Upon payment of a reduced monthly subscription fee, we provide all the necessary infrastructure to facilitate our partners, subscribers to GPS, to be successful in their business.

Our partners say

"I am so happy to have found Clubshop. I had spent hundreds of dollars trying to make money online with no results. By far the best of the best and I am just going on my second month."
KW1541729 - Mr. Kevin Wygal, USA
Clubshop Partner
"A wonderful opportunity to improve your life. At the beginning I thought I had to wait and only activate after 7 days, that was a mistake because my income received so far was deducted. After three days I have now activated and it is good that I can no longer lose anything."
OK5963976 - Mr. Otto Knotzer, Hungary
Clubshop Partner
"Amo il mio lavoro, amo Clubshop, amo chi con me ci mette passione, cuore ed energia. Niente si ottiene con niente. Testa bassa fino all’obiettivo. Mi piace il mio lavoro, mi affascina completamente. Lavorare senza amore è schiavitù. Grazie di esistere Clubshop."
RG2862346 - Rosa Giannoccaro, Italia
Clubshop Partner
"Having been online for a number of years with limited success, it is refreshing to have come across the Clubshop purely by accident. What i was expecting initially was just another sales funnel, what i got is a real tangible business that i can be proud of. For anyone looking to start a real online business, i suggest you take the time to really have a good look at was is on offer here, for me it represents Freedom . The freedom to do what i want whenever i want,"
WL3078080 - WAYNE LAWSON, United Kingdom
Clubshop Partner