GPS Leadership Contest

December 2021 to January 2022

Win up to $1,000 Cash!

A great incentive to help you build your Team of Partners AND Lead By Example!

We launched a new exciting challenge for you, with outstanding prizes!

We’ll reward the 10 of you guys who get the highest score through all the actions listed below performed within the following timeframe: 

December 1st – January 31st, 2021 (not later than 23:59 London UK Time).

1st Prize $1,000 Cash!

Prizes & Rules

1) NEW GPS Subscribers: every GPS activated during the contest timeframe by your Personally Sponsored Members (all those you received through your GPS, additional COOP Shares or your Referral Links/Landing Pages) let you earn points depending on its type, as follows:

  • GPS Basic = 10
  • GPS Basic Plus = 20
  • GPS Pro = 40
  • GPS Pro Plus = 60
  • GPS Premier = 120
  • GPS Premier Plus = 240

2) COOP Shares: you earn 2 points for every additional COOP Share you order during the contest timeframe.

3) Clubshop Mall Purchases: you earn 3 point every $10 spent in a Clubshop Mall’s Store.

4) Personal Upgrade Bonus: you earn 50 Points if you upgrade your personal GPS to a higher one during the contest timeframe.
NOTE: In the event of a tie, prizes will be split among those who tied.



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More Prizes!

In addition to the prizes listed below, all 10 First ranked Partners win a Clubshop item they’ll choose on our Apparel store here.

Winners can order the product here.

Rank Prizes

December - January 2022 Leadership Contest Winners

December January 2022 Leadership Contest Winners

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# Partner Country Name Points Rank Prize