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“100% of the people who have fully understood this business are enthusiastic about it. 

That’s why we want you to try it for free, start seeing the potential earning with your eyes, and decide later what to do. Isn’t it fair?”

What's The "GPS"?

GPS stands for “Global Partner System.” It’s a complete business service, which includes your own Online Shopping Center with hundreds of big-name stores in it, ready to generate sales for you.

GPS comes with an advanced CRM System, a unique, automated business-building system and its training.
As GPS puts your business on auto-pilot, it enables even a computer or networking novice to build a successful business from scratch and create a genuine, passive income.
The Clubshop Global Partner System (GPS) provides EVERYTHING you need to succeed. Including Company’s Advertising Shares, which allow you to get new loyal customers for your New Online Shopping Center, with no effort on your side, every month!and

GPS 1 Month 100% Free

How It Works

1) Select the type of GPS you prefer

Select below the GPS pack you'd like to try now and possibly activate later, in case you'd decide to buy it before the end of the 30-day trial period. During the Trial you can upgrade it, but not downgrade it.

2) receive your affiliates

Automatically get a specific number of Company's cooperative advertising Shares, depending on the GPS pack you selected for your trial period.
These COOP shares entitle you to receive a certain amount of affiliates who will go into your "Team Pool."

3) Earn Pending Commissions

Earn Commissions each time these affiliates becomes Trial Partners too. These earnings will be instantly credited as "pending" in your Clubshop commission statement.

4) ​Receive Your Earnings!

Once you confirm your GPS, each time your Trial Partners confirm their GPS too, we move the corresponding commissions from your Pending commission statement to your Payable Commissions statement and send them to you on your preferred account (PayPal, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Etc.)

Select The 30-Day Trial You Want To Start

  • You get full FREE access to GPS services listed below for 30 days. At any point during the free trial, you can decide to confirm your GPS to avoid the risk of losing your pending earnings and the team we’ll build for you.
  • If, for any reason, at the end of your trial period, you’re not interested in your GPS, no problem! We’ll just delete your pending commissions and assign them to another partner.
  • BEAR IN MIND: during your 30-Day Trial you can upgrade your GPS Trial to a higher one, but you can’t downgrade it to a lower one. 

GPS Basic Plus

Free 30 Days
Cancel Any Time


Per month


Free 30 Days
Cancel Any Time


Per month

GPS Pro Plus

Free 30 Days
Cancel Any Time


Per month

Frequently asked questions

We can’t make any promise of earnings. The good news is that with the examples you’ll see in your Trial Partner Control Center, it’s effortless to understand how you and every other Trial Partner are going to earn during your 30-Day Trial.

As you’ll learn later, the GPS is designed to lead our Partners towards a precise passive income goal to build together: $6,000 within 24 months. But, in the examples, we just show the potential income generated by the GPS “Fast Start Bonus” during the 30-Day Trial.


The Higher Your GPS, The Higher Your Potential Earnings.

– Each GPS includes an increasing amount of COOP advertising shares. More shares mean more worldwide members that can drop automatically into your pool every month, hence a much higher earning potential for you and them.

FOR EXAMPLE: with a GPS Basic, you get 1 COOP advertising share only, which means two affiliates per month, minimum. While, with a GPS Premier Plus, you receive 50 COOP advertising share, which means 100 Affiliates per month, minimum.

Better communication, higher earnings.

– GPS Pro pack and higher, also add some essential communication tools you may want to use to strengthen your team and boost your earnings.

Trial Upgrade: during your 30-day trial, you can decide to upgrade your trial GPS to a higher Pack.

But you can’t downgrade to a lower one.

Sure! Not only can you; you’d better do so as soon as you are happy with your GPS.

Doing so, you will surpass your fellow Co-sponsors and prevent your Trial Partner from confirming their GPS before yours.

We designed the Clubshop Rewards business and the Global Partner System (GPS) to provide people from all walks of life with an automated, straightforward online business that is easy to manage, reliable, and highly profitable.

During your 30-Day Trial, you’ll be able to see all this with eyes.

Clubshop Rewards is owned by Proprofit Worldwide Ltd., London – UK

Our Partners say

I Love Clubshop! Not only because of the opportunity and the genius behind this system. Kudus to my upline. When there is a challenge to solve, everybody is engaged in finding a solution. And the challenge is solved within minutes. I never experienced a team-spirit like this in any other company! My advice to every new person here: get registered, become a Trial-Partner, see how it works, and then become a partner and be part of this mission. Put effort into getting to know the business by reading in your dashboard and watching the videos. PUT IN YOUR EFFORT!!! Share your link and invite people to the business!
Victor M. Opoku-Mensah
Clubshop Partner
Today I received my 4th payout from Clubshop! Out of the total $380 there were $244 TNT commissions (residual income) and $136 fast start bonuses and shopping commissions.
Marius Pedersen
Clubshop Partner & Team Pilot
Excellent plan, Excellent tools, Excellent support!
Tom Williams
Clubshop Partner
With very little work on my part, I have received a paycheck!! Simply amazing!
Darren S Parent
Clubshop Partner
Got my third withdrawal! Love Clubshop! And a paydays! :)😍
Vladas Tarasevičius
Clubshop Partner
Quite normally I doubted Clubshop at the initial stage. But with passage of nearly six month, I have been paid back honestly. Hesitation at the starting is normal. Act positively, Clubshop will reward you. Thanks Clubshop.
Zahid Anwar Hazarika
Clubshop Partner
I've been with Clubshop only a couple of months and made my first commission in my first month. Now, I have over 70 partners in my team.
Demetry Swarts
Clubshop Partner