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While we’re on the way to build the best people’s business opportunity ever existed, we have just launched the craziest incentive we could invent.


We know that people who signup with us worldwide are skeptical and full of fears because they still don’t know us.

That’s the main reason why they are still not wealthy or struggling with no money.

We know that if we could wipe away that sort of disease that keeps millions of people apart from riches, we could generate an infinite number of wealthy people.

So, we decided to invest in people. With the “Startup Financing Guarantee,” we become a sort of business angels that allow every person to start their business in total serenity.

How does it work?

With GPS, for a super affordable monthly fee, we provide you all that you need to run a successful online business virtually on autopilot and build your monthly passive income month after month with a minimum effort on your side.

You don’t need to invest and risk any capital to build a business because everything is already made for you and you can have it all for a tiny monthly fee.


With the “Startup Financing Guarantee,” we guarantee that you’ll enjoy at least a specific income during your first month of subscription!

So, you can’t lose money in the most critical phase of starting a business.

Here’s how:

  1. As a Trial Partner, you need to keep an eye on your pending commissions’ report.
  2. Each time your Trial GPS assigns you a new Trial Partner, a new pending commission is credited to your income report and the total balance increases.
  3. At every moment, when you are happy with your Trial Period, you may decide to confirm your GPS and start your Clubshop business in total serenity. Why?
  4. Because we guarantee that at the end of your first month, you have earned as payable, at least the 10% of the pending commissions that you have in your account when you confirm your GPS, and we receive your payment. With no conditions required. So, you can start your business virtually with ZERO RISK!
  5. Be careful, though! Don’t wait too long to confirm your GPS! Why? Because during your 30-Day Trial Period, some of your Trial Partners or some Co-sponsors confirm their GPS before you, they hold the corresponding pending commissions, and you lose them. So, your 10% guarantee will decrease consequently.


You are a Trial Partner with a GPS Pro Plus ($89.90).

You see a pending commissions balance of $1278.5

Your Guaranteed commissions are $127.85

You decide to confirm your GPS Pro Plus at that moment and pay its usual 1st-month fee of $89.90.

What may happen in your first month as a GPS Subscriber?

Case A) During your first month as a Real Partner, you only earned $44.95 as payable commissions? No problem; we pay you the remaining amount of $82.9, so in the end, you have earned at least your guaranteed $127.85.

Case B) During your first month as a Real Partner, you earned $554.15 as payable commissions? That’s GREAT! Your payable commissions are higher than your guaranteed commissions, so even better for you and us! We send you the corresponding amount, deducted by the applicable GPS Renewal Fee (or community contribution).

Case C) During your first month as a Real Partner, you earned $00.0 as payable commissions? No problem, we pay you the guaranteed amount of $127.85 that you blocked when you initially confirmed your GPS.

Did you understand the principle? You can apply to your situation, depending on the GPS Trial that you have.

So, as soon as you have read and understood everything you see on your Trial Partner Control Center, and you see a good pending commissions balance, confirm your GPS right away to block the pending commissions’ balance and the corresponding 10% of it as your guarantee!


As long as this incentive is in place, all the Trial Partners that your GPS keeps delivering you every month can benefit from it.

This means that you will keep earning Fast Start Bonuses much more easily while building a massive monthly passive income at the same time, the real goal of your Clubshop business.

Your entire business building process now can go much faster even because the retention rate of your Partners can drastically improve!

To make a long story short: stop hesitating, because YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!

You only need to take the first step and confirm your GPS NOW!

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2

2 Timothy 1,7

Act NOW!

Fabrizio Perotti

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Since 1997 Clubshop has been faithful to its Mission - To join individual consumers together to form a vast buyer's cooperative, thereby gaining tremendous consolidated buying power so that our Members may purchase products and services at the lowest possible cost. - To extend the advantages of the Free Enterprise System to anyone who seeks to increase their monthly income. - To promote the principles of freedom and democracy that are embraced within the U.S. Constitution. To encourage the development of a vast, self-sufficient, economic community of "people helping people" and the individual development of the whole person.

Comments (100)

  1. Ryan R Kapiavala


    Thanks for your assistance. I will try to activate it this time and hope to be profitable!!

  2. Reply

    Calvary greetings
    Very interesting to see the quotation from the bible. Off course fear and skeptism are major factors hindering our progress. Nevertheless, the experience of too many scammers in these days also contribute to the drawback.
    However, to people like me, I am not discouraged.
    I am glad you are coming up that way because I was even getting worried that the first two subscription I made so far may go in vain too. I just experienced a terrible set back financially which I am still facing up to now.
    I pray that the one who is able to do much more, exceedingly, abundantly more than the level at which we believe or ask him, according to God’s power that works in us, will accomplish your desire to help many lives.
    Please go ahead, God is with you. Show us what you mean
    With love

  3. Irina Stepanenko


    Да я поняла все что вы написали.Но у меня есть вопрос Могу ли я начать все заново так как я уже 3 месяца не чего не вкладывала я же не пробный партнёр .

  4. Reply

    Thank alot ‘boss”, for that effort with ‘me.,again thank’s very much ‘boss”.,& To the Lord he lestening my prayers to be part of your clubshop business very much happy ‘boss”.

  5. Elna Johanna Tjirimuje


    Am interested but nothing I tried has ever worked to pull me out of poverty

  6. Ejionye Ugonna


    That’s good to hear, and I believe this time I will not lose my money again when I subscribed the time and no payable commission was received. It is discouraging. I hope the assured commission will be payable

  7. Joseph Brideau


    Thank you so much for offering this garentee, as it was he only thing that was holding me back was the potential loss of my original funds paid, i shall activate it hence forth, again TYVM CLUBSHOP!!!

  8. Reply

    As soon you are a Partner and you have setup your payout account number in the Commission Payment Center, you will be paid out automatically before the 21st of the following month.
    If you confirmed your GPS with cryptocurrency and your Trial Partners confirm their GPS also with cryptocurrency, you get paid out instantly. Even if they amount is less than $10.

  9. ogunleye olusola


    How can I be guaranteed that my money is not falling into the hands of scammers.I don’t know much about Club shop.Please help me. Thanks.



    how much i will pay as a start up for the deals with you and to what account that i will pay to? And how can i withdraw my profit money thru you and i need more enlightenment as regard your dealing with me and how to earn hard currency from you. i need a reply.



    Quand pouvons-nous être payés de notre commission en attente ?
    Comment puis-je retirer mon argent s’il est payé ?
    J’ai oublier mon mot de passe s’il vous plait pouvez vous m’aidez ?

    • Reply

      Une fois que tu as confirmé ton GPS, chaque fois que un de tes Trial Parnter confirm le sien, ta commission pending devient payable.
      Tu dois avoir fourni ta methode préféré où tu veux être payé. Tu peux faire ça dans ton Dashboard > Menu Personal > Commissions Payment Preferences.

  12. Emmanuel BAKROU


    Oui, vraiment très intéressant. Cependant avec le temps, on y comprendra davantage. Merci pour la formation continue.

  13. Emmanuel BAKROU


    Oui, vraiment très intéressant. Cependant avec le temps, on y comprendra davantage. Merci pour la formation continue.
    Comment faire le retrait de l’argent surtout quand on ne peut pas utiliser Paypal?
    Merci beaucoup.

  14. Ifeoma


    Please if club shop will do me a favor, by activating my GPS I will appreciate, because I don’t have fund right now . Thank you for your efforts to help mankind.



    Salut Monsieur.
    C’est avec plaisir que que j’ai lu et compris votre explication sur la Garantie de commissions de démarrage rapide de notre business.
    Vraiment c’est fabuleux. Merci à Clubshop.

    • Reply

      Log into your Clubshop account and click the green button to start your Free Trial as a Trial Partner.That’s how you activate the guarantee.



    I have activated my GPS for the second month yet I have not been able to receive any commission, what is my real problem,? Is there any thing I was expected to do that I did not do pls I need some enlightenment on my situation.

    • Reply

      Go to your commission preference page and provide us with your favorite payment processors detail. It can be PayPal or Advcash or bitcoin.

  17. Samuel peters


    Pls l have not understand this businesses or transaction pls explain to the more

  18. Anthony Anani


    This is awesome! But two months ago I was a first month partner, I was blessed because 6 trial partners in my team confirm their GPS that month. Imagine how much that would be. Today, I am in the 3rd month and have not received a dime from clubshop. All my supposed team mates got discouraged and didn’t renew their GPS. What incentive does club shop have for people like my team mates and I ?

  19. Andrew Agaro


    Well done!
    Am more pleased and now have a good understanding of the”how” things work.
    I really need to get to working order to improve not only me but most importantly my team mates.
    The one question i love to ask is “how can I get thru to my teammates all at once.

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