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In about 20 years of online business, I have observed the behavior of tens of thousands of people. Very often, they were people struggling financially, looking for a fast solution to make money.

This kind of person used to signup at the website, take a cursory look at the opportunity they just received, then disappear forever.

They always reminded me of the old story of the Drowning Man.

The Drowning Man

While out at sea, a large boat became shipwrecked, and there was only a single survivor.
This man prayed and asked God to save his life. Soon after that, another boat came by and offered the man some help.
"No, thanks," he said. "I'm waiting for God to save me."
The men on the boat shrugged their shoulders and continued.
As the man became more deeply concerned, another boat came by.
Again, the people aboard offered this man some help, and yet he politely declines. "I'm waiting for God to save me," he said again.
After some time, the man began to lose his faith, and soon after that, he died.
Upon reaching the other world, he had a chance to speak with God briefly.
"Why did you let me die? Why didn't you answer my prayers?"
"Dummy, I sent you two boats!"

Many years ago, I received my own "boat," too. But I accepted that help and jumped on it. It was my first Network Marketing experience. It's been my fortune.

Today, many people think of me that I'm just "lucky."

The truth is that I grabbed the opportunity when it presented itself, and I stuck with it until I succeeded.

Now, with Clubshop, I know I can send the same kind of boat to millions of people worldwide. This particular boat is just a new and improved version. 🙂

You can jump on it or keep waiting for help from above. The choice is yours.

Fabrizio Perotti

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