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When will I receive my commissions?

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We send out commissions every 30 days, typically between the 1st and the 20th of the following months you have earned your commissions.

We send out your commissions when you have a positive balance of at least $10 and you have set up the “Commission Payment Preferences” before the last day of the previous month.


Let’s say that in February you were a Partner, and you had already set up your “Commissions Payment Preferences.”

On February 29th, the total of your payable commissions was below $10. So, your payable commissions’ balance is reported to the following month.

Then in March, you got more Payable commission, and your Payable Commissions Total on March 31st is more than $10.

You will receive these commissions on your account (PayPal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, etc) in April. Typically, not later than the 20th of April.

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