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What’s the Startup Financing Guarantee?

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With the “Startup Financing Guarantee,” we guarantee that you’ll enjoy at least a specific income during your first month of GPS subscription!

So, you can’t lose money in the most critical phase of starting a business.

Here’s how:

  1. As a Trial Partner, you need to keep an eye on your pending commissions’ report.
  2. Each time your Trial GPS assigns you a new Trial Partner, a new pending commission is credited to your income report and the total balance increases.
  3. At every moment, when you are happy with your Trial Period, you may decide to confirm your GPS and start your Clubshop business in total serenity. Why?
  4. Because we guarantee that at the end of your first month, you have earned as payable, at least the 10% of the pending commissions that you have in your account when you confirm your GPS, and we receive your payment. With no conditions required. So, you can start your business virtually with ZERO RISK!
  5. Be careful, though! Don’t wait too long to confirm your GPS! Why? Because during your 30-Day Trial Period, some of your Trial Partners or some Co-sponsors confirm their GPS before you, they hold the corresponding pending commissions, and you lose them. So, your 10% guarantee will decrease consequently.


You are a Trial Partner with a GPS Pro Plus ($89.90).

You see a pending commissions balance of $1278.5

Your Guaranteed commissions are $127.85

You decide to confirm your GPS Pro Plus at that moment and pay its usual 1st-month fee of $89.90.

What may happen in your first month as a GPS Subscriber?

Case A) During your first month as a Real Partner, you only earned $44.95 as payable commissions? No problem; we pay you the remaining amount of $82.9, so in the end, you have earned at least your guaranteed $127.85.

Case B) During your first month as a Real Partner, you earned $554.15 as payable commissions? That’s GREAT! Your payable commissions are higher than your guaranteed commissions, so even better for you and us! We send you the corresponding amount, deducted by the applicable GPS Renewal Fee (or community contribution).

Case C) During your first month as a Real Partner, you earned $00.0 as payable commissions? No problem, we pay you the guaranteed amount of $127.85 that you blocked when you initially confirmed your GPS.

In all cases, the guaranteed amount is also used to renew your GPS automatically.

Did you understand the principle? You can apply to your situation, depending on the GPS Trial that you have.

So, as soon as you have read and understood everything you see on your Trial Partner Control Center, and you see a good pending commissions balance, confirm your GPS right away to block the pending commissions’ balance and the corresponding 10% of it as your guarantee!


As long as this incentive is in place, all the Trial Partners that your GPS keeps delivering you every month can benefit from it.

This means that you will keep earning Fast Start Bonuses much more easily while building a massive monthly passive income at the same time, the real goal of your Clubshop business.

Your entire business building process now can go much faster even because the retention rate of your Partners can drastically improve!

To make a long story short: stop hesitating, because YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!

You only need to take the first step and confirm your GPS NOW!

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2

2 Timothy 1,7
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