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What if I don’t pay my GPS Monthly fee?

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It’s important to understand the GPS No Paid Fee and 30-day Grace Period concept.

Your GPS and all its benefits, remain active as long as you regularly pay your monthly fee or community contribution.

Your GPS renewal date is continuously visible in your dashboard, so you’re always aware of it, and you can’t miss it.

If for any reason, you don’t pay your GPS monthly fee before that deadline, you benefit from a 30-day grace period. So, you don’t risk to lose your existing organization of affiliates and partners.

During these 30 days, your position becomes red in all the business reports. You can still use the GPS tools, but you lose all commissions that your organization could produce.

If you don’t pay your monthly fee before the end of your 30-day grace period, the system downgrades you to the affiliate status automatically.

As a consequence, you lose all your existing organization, the system places you into a pool of affiliates, and all your commissions are forfeited.

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