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Oggi, ancor più che mai, amo i fondamentali del Network Marketing.

Secondo me, di gran lunga il miglior modello di business mai concepito.

Perché? Perché é l'unico che ha il potenziale per consentire ad un numero infinito di persone comuni di diventare ricche. Punto.

Non é solamente un modo migliore. É l'unico modo. Perché? Perché

  1. É accessibile alle masse. Chiunque può avviare il proprio business nel Network Marketing istantaneamente, senza rischiare un capitale significativo.
  2. It doesn’t require any exceptional experience or skill. You can attract prosperity while you learn everything at your own pace all along the way.
  3. It can contribute to elevating the standard of living of millions of people worldwide drastically, rapidly, and independently from the economy of the country people are currently living in.
  4. People don’t need to quit their primary job to run an NM business.
  5. Il income potential is unlimited.
  6. Unlike any other kind of business, in NM, the more you earn, the more free time you have to enjoy life.

If it’s truly like that, why then so many people tried in the past, without succeeding?

Certainly not because of the ridiculous myth of the “saturation” of the market. The truth is that this never happened in more than 70 years of Network Marketing history.

The real reasons were different and evident to me.

Here you are:

  1. Products and Prices. You can distribute even a fabulous new product. Still, if it is that good, you can be sure that after a while, people can find something very similar in every chain store around the corner at a better price. As NM companies usually used to overprice ordinary products to remunerate several levels of distributors.
  2. The infamous “contact list.” is the main reason why so many people today hate (the old) Network Marketing. I’m talking, on the one hand, about former distributors. Because NM companies systematically instructed them to bother every single known person on the planet. So that losing one friend after the other was the only natural consequence. On the other hand, I talk about all those millions of people who used to be assaulted by armies of new “best friends.” People who used to pop up from who knows where only to propose all kinds of incredible “opportunities.”
  3. The time people needed to invest compared to the average distributor’s income. The most frequent objection you used to hear as an NM distributor was for sure, “I don’t have time.” Which, translated, meant: “I don’t believe I can make any money with this thing you’re talking about. Because I’ll never hang around bothering family and friends non-stop like you’re doing with me. Hence, it’s not even worth my attention.”
  4. The hidden costs required for kits, merchandising, training. In spite of all the points above, loads of people got involved in some MLM or NM business. That’s when they started to realize that the core business of their company was different than expected. Often the real aim of these companies was to sell their “distributors” all sorts of books, training, seminars, conventions, and whatever could take a dollar out of their distributors’ pockets.

Well, the above was quite discouraging. But what has always had a priceless value is the core concept of Network Marketing: Freedom!

In a free country, Freedom comes from enjoying a significant monthly passive income and all the free time you need to enjoy all that monthly cash flow. 

I’m sure you agree with me on that.

That’s why I never gave up on Network Marketing. I still stick to its unique concept because It’s infinitely better to earn $100 through 1% of the work of 100 people than through 100% of your exclusive effort.

Now at Clubshop, we have been able to finally erase the real reasons that caused all those failures in Network Marketing history. We created a solution for each one of them.

So, now, we can freely pursue our noble mission of elevating the standard of living of millions of people worldwide.


  1. We don’t sell overpriced or useless products. Since the beginning, we designed our strategy to increase people’s buying power. So they can save money on their usual shopping in their favorite stores. So that our Partners (GPS Subscribers) will enjoy a nice passive income based on mass consumption made by people who are saving money at the same time.
  2. At Clubshop, nobody needs to bother family and friends to develop their business because we embedded the concept of Cooperative Advertising in our system. It means that every month, our Partners (former “distributors”) receive all the affiliates they need to build their team, automatically. So that all our Partners can establish and duplicate their business virtually on auto-pilot. More productivity, no more fear of rejection, and everybody can keep their friendships intact. 
  3. Nobody can say anymore; “I don’t have time” because the time-consuming and challenging part (recruiting customers and affiliates) is completely automatized, as explained above.
  4. Our business model is now so easy and straightforward to understand and perform that nobody needs to attend expensive seminars, buy training, books, kits, or other.

We understand that looking at Clubshop business people could think: “it seems too good to be true”.

But don’t worry, we worked hard to found the solution also for that! 🙂

That’s how recently we could launch the new 30-Day Trial Program.

During 30 days, for FREE, worldwide people from all walks of life can activate their favorite GPS and start earning pending commissions, automatically, while watching their GPS working for them 24/7.

So, the affiliates evolution is smooth, enjoyable and exciting:

Sign up as an Affiliate > Become a Trial Partner for 30 Days > Confirm GPS to become a Partner > Follow the path persistenly until you become a Rich Person!

Now, we can really say: the sky is the limit!

Get involve, be one of us, become a Partner!

Condividi la verità!

Dal 1997 Clubshop è fedele alla sua missione: unire i singoli consumatori per formare una vasta cooperativa di acquirenti, acquisendo così un enorme potere di acquisto consolidato in modo che i nostri membri possano acquistare prodotti e servizi al minor costo possibile. - Estendere i vantaggi del Free Enterprise System a chiunque cerchi di aumentare il proprio reddito mensile. - Promuovere i principi di libertà e democrazia che sono abbracciati nella Costituzione degli Stati Uniti. Incoraggiare lo sviluppo di una vasta comunità economica autosufficiente di "persone che aiutano le persone" e lo sviluppo individuale dell'intera persona.

Commenti (11)

  1. Rispondi

    Thanks for this network marketing, I pray it works cos anything online deal there is always a fear of failing at the end. But just joined this platform and hoping it will better than others.

    • Rispondi

      Thank you for your comment, Christopher! Fear is probably the worst enemy of success. You don’t have to fear failure because it is part of the way to success. Nobody in human history became successful without failing several times. So, you’re certainly on the right path! Have faith, follow the path, never give up! 🙂

    • Rispondi

      Glad to hear that, Ahmad! You need to log into your Clubshop Account, click on the red button “Activate Your GPS,” and proceed from there.

  2. Steven Joseph Morehari


    Thank you very much for up dates. I am very interested in this particular business and your assistance sought for how this business opperate.
    I like you to help me out with this so I be fully prepared to meet the requirement.

  3. Belma Sabido


    I’m so sorry that I lost my commission it’s because i intentionally click the unsubscribed and i didn’t know how to do it again. Thank you.

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