The Clubshop Global Partner System (GPS) is designed to work for you 24/7.

Every GPS subscriber gets qualified as a Clubshop partner every month, automatically.

As a Partner you own a specific number of Cooperative advertising share every month, depending on your GPS type. Each share entitles you to a minimum guaranteed number of new affiliates for your team every month.

The TNT Funnel is an essential component of your GPS. It puts your business on auto-pilot, to optimise your team’s business building process.

To better understand how the TNT Funnel is going to build your business, click here to watch this 10-minute video

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      Hi Isaac, if you mean “without buying products”; yes you can. If you mean without subscribing to GPS, you can if you qualify as a Partner by producing a specific number of Clubshop Mall sales, made by people you referred. In that case, you get qualified as a partner; hence, you can earn also override commissions. But, the easiest and fastest way to get qualified as a partner and take advantage of all the tools you need to develop your business as a professional, is by subscribing to GPS.

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